All’s Falling Into Place | You Are the Axis | Guided Meditation

This is Rasa. Welcome to your meditation. Sit or lie down by finding the most relaxing
and comfortable position for you. Gently close your eyes. Tense your body muscles as much as you can
and now let go. Take a conscious breath in and breathe out
by expelling the the air smoothly, evenly, all the way out. Let’s tke two more conscious, smooth breaths
in and out. Observe and feel the energy of your body now
by mentally scanning your head, forehead, eyes, ears, nose, cheeks, mouth, jaw, neck,
shoulders, shoulder blades, chest, abdomen, ribcage. As your attention moves from one body part
to another notice the variant or sameness in the energy within. Is there any tension present? If there is simply observe it and just let
it go. Now with your attention scan through your
hips, bottom cheeks, pelvis. If you notice any tension, allow your full
attention to dissolve it. Continue to scan through your upper legs,
knees, lower legs, ankles, ankle joints, feet, toes and soles of your feet. Noticing and disolving. Leting it go. Keep scanning through the upper, middle and
lower back, adjust your body position a bit if you need to make it more comfortable. Now feel the energy inside and around of your
body. Feel how the energy circulates around your
body. And now feel how it concentrates in the top
and central point of your head, like a white laser light. Imagine this purifying and central white light
going behind your eyes, nose, between your ears and your mouth. Going down through the centre of your throat,
between your shoulders and down through the centre of your chest, between your ribs, hips
and to the perineum, going down and reaching the space between your feet. The white light goes down through these central
points, cleansing and balancing everything within your body. Feel how you become more centred, purified
and grounded. Take a refreshing and slow breath in and breathe
out letting go of any remaining tension in your body. Now simply observe your breath going in and
out of your body as it is. Observing effortless nature of your breath
and its natural rhythm. Notice how it effortlessly changes and falls
into its own perfect place. As you observe the ever-changing movements
of your breath, something arises within yourself, something that allows you to surrender and
rest into what is motionless, effortless and natural. Pure stillness. Every thought, emotion, sensation or image
appears and disappears within the core of your being that is pure stillness, pure consciousness. Now relax your forehead, your eyes and let
yourself imagine, visualise a particular spot in nature that you enjoy every time you there
or when you visit this place in your mind. Place yourself there and simply enjoy it as
you always do. Now if you can imagine this place before it
became what it is. Bare, nothing growing, simply plain and yet
it is becoming the place that it is now. Visulise and see the natural course of becoming. Visualise the seeds falling into the ground,
sprouting, plants beginning to grow, rocks or other elements falling into place where
it is now. Surrounding forming and growing. Shaping its form. Constantly becoming. All elements falling into place to become
that what you enjoy so much today. Feel the sense of effortless becoming through
the natural way of everything falling into place, working out by itself. Now place yourself in that same place you
enjoy. See your life movie to begin to roll in whatever
way resonates with you. Try not to take images too personally, just
watch just like you watched your favorite place become what it is. Visualise yourself becoming to who you are
today. Briefly reflecting to pivotal moments in your
life, moments that made you better, whether these moments were difficult or easy, just
browse through them and watch, feel yourself become, evolve as you view your life movie
thus far. Feel how everything falls into its place,
to where you are today. Relax. All is well. Now tune into your awareness, your consciousness. Make an intention to connect to your inner
guidance. Relax. Feel yourself guided to become more open and
none resistant. Cultivating a state of being where you become
intuitive, effortless and everything around you simply falls into its perfect place. Feel like a powerful magician observing your
inner peace, universe responsing to your calmness, sureness and moving everything around you
in a way that is the most beneficial to you. Relax. Trust. Allow for it to happen. Connect to your inner guidance. Say: I will know when I need to take action. The rest simply falls into its place. I will know when I need to take action. The rest simply falls into its place. I will know when I need to take action. The rest simply falls into its place. Your awareness is rising. Feel how wholesome and grounded you are becoming. Right here and now. Feel how much power you hold in your thoughts
and intention. It is electrifying. It has been heard. Everything is already shifting. Relax. Trust. Allow for everything to fall into its perfect
place. You are the creator and witness. You are the axis of your universe. Your awareness continues to rise, to expand. You are aligning with your authentic energy
that is allowing things to happen as they are. Every moment is unfolding with multiple opportunities
and your beautiful awareness leads you to the inspired and effortless action. Right now, gently shift your awareness back
to your body. Notice how calm and peaceful your body is. Notice how your body followed your guidance
through your thoughts of relaxation and expansion. Begin to deepen your breath. Feel how your body touches the surface underneath
you. Slowly move your attention from the top of
your head down to your feet. Be aware of the new energy within. Move, shuffle your body a bit. Stretch it. Now slowly open your eyes. All is well. All is falling into its perfect place. Enjoy your becoming. Thank you for joining me in this meditation. Please continue to support this channel through
liking, commenting and sharing, I really appreciate it. Until next time.


  1. Hello Rasa,,,I find it amazing that each new post on here that you do ,is always so relevant ,to my own headspace,,these meditations are very special indeed ,as are you ,Peace and Big Love as ever ,Paul.x

  2. This is awesome ma'am 😊. Please make and upload a guided meditation for healing eyes as well ma'am. Thank you

  3. Thank you Rasa, your meditations are apart of my daily routine. Your meditations and the smoothness of your voice just keeps getting better and better!

  4. Rasa, thank you for another wonderful meditation to help me relax and realize that although I may have obstacles or roadblocks, I am continuing on the path that I was meant to follow. The additional descriptive words helped with my visualization and calming my mind and restless body. I have listened to this several times before commenting and it is always an amazing experience that reinforces important issues you have covered in other meditations with a completely unique style. I appreciate the gentle reminder that I am only in control of my own actions and words, to honor myself and not allow outside forces to destroy progress I have made on my path to being the best possible version of myself. Many blessings to you, love and light always, Colleen

  5. Waw truly amazing Rasa your meditations just get better and better. Many many thanks for sharing blessings to you Namaste ♾💗♾

  6. I just love your meditations. Your voice is so calming and you always know what to say to open my inner self. Thank you for all you do.

  7. I am forever grateful for your gift…this meditation is incredibly perfect in its timing, for my present journey. Most grateful, thank you!

  8. I love your meditations, but there’s one word you’re mispronouncing in the following way:
    Body – bah-di is normal pronunciation, also bod-i

    You pronounce it bœ-di – bö-di

    It’s also like bood-i

    It’s disconcerting!

  9. Thank you Rasa! Your meditations are also a part of my daily routine in the morning and night. I especially love this one as it cultivates the peace and ease within that reflects onto our outside world and reality. And it is shorter which fits in my mornings perfectly. I am so greatful for your meditations. I have done almost all of them! Sending you love and gratitude ✨💖🙏💖✨

  10. This meditation really helped me to relax, I had so much tension and resistance when I started, but by the end I feel reborn. And I also had very nice visions for my life. Thank you, Rasa 😇

  11. I just subscribed! Your voice is beautiful and soothing. Iam new to this and my concentration gets distracted but i just keep bringing it back in the moment and i figure in time my focus will get better. Thank you

  12. Thank you rasa today I realized how much control is part off my belief, I will work on letting go off control and learn to belief that everything is possible

  13. I was on a walk and saw a sign that said Axis and I was reminded of this video. I hadn't listened to this meditation yet and now I am so grateful that I did. Another lovely offering. Thank you Rasa. : )

  14. Rasa this is an amazing meditation to use in the morning. I have tried it this morning for the first time and hav3 found it enlightening, grounding and comforting. It is helping me to believe in me and the person I am growing into. Namaste.

  15. Felt myself transcending through this meditation, I saw myself as a flower bud at the beginning stages of blossoming💗 so amazing. Thank you Rasa, you are a gift to all

  16. Thank you rasa i love your work. It gives me focus, love, imagination, peace and relaxation. ✌️+ 🧡

  17. It is my favorite meditation 🧘‍♀️ love it, love it, love it 🥰Thank you Rasa for your work ❤️☺️

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