Africa: Islamic State’s next frontier | The Economist

Islamic State was one of the most powerful terrorist organizations
the world has ever seen. At the height of its power,
it controlled a territory the size of Britain, a
population of eight million, and an army of around 100,000 fighters. Now largely driven out of its
territory in the Middle East, its ideology moves on and
it’s taking root in Africa. The Sahel is an arid belt of land that stretches across north central Africa. It is predominantly Muslim,
poor, and badly governed. The perfect conditions for
extremist groups to thrive. Many of these terrorist
groups pledge their loyalties to IS or Al-Qaeda. The deadliest terrorist factions in the world are in northeastern Nigeria. Boko Haram promotes a
version of Islam which forbids Muslims to take
part in any activity associated with Western society. In 2017, it used at least
135 child suicide bombers. ISWAP, a splinter group
of Boko Haram, is now the biggest IS affiliate
group in the world. Its mission is to create
the next caliphate. Nigeria is the populous country in Africa with the biggest economy. If terrorist groups take hold here, they could destabilize it
and much of West Africa causing a greater refugee crisis. The number of violent
incidents involving jihadist groups in Africa has
increased by 300% since 2010. Many African Islamic
terrorist organizations benefited from the death of Libya’s former dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Smuggling networks were
developed to get weapons out of Libya and into
the hands of jihadists. On the eastern side of
Africa, based in Somalia, is a terrorist group Al-Shabab. It pledges allegiance
not to IS but Al-Qaeda. It controls many rural
areas where it imposes a strict version of
Sharia law and is believed to have as many as 9,000 fighters. Western powers are trying to
contain these terrorist groups. The G5 Sahel, a counter
terrorism alliance with troops from Mauritania, Mali,
Burkina Faso, Niger, and Chad. America also has troops
in Africa but the Trump administration wants to cut their numbers. This will mean more responsibility will lie on European shoulders. Something they are unlikely to accept.


  1. ISIS = useful idiots of US/UK imperialism technically used as proxies to weaken states and as excuses for occupation example Syria. This means that countries with ISIS infestation have been chosen as targets by US foreign policy to weaken them relative to US meddling and possible occupation.
    Wouldn't be surprised if ISIS get direct financial and military aid like they did in Syria when the US on several occasions operated directly as their air support. Though the US probably restricts it self mostly to support ISIS through their satellite state Saudi Arabia.

  2. Nope, that definitely won't happen and if it does well storm the fuck out Europe. They call it Afroupe. Fuck those fences well invade you guys. Looking forward to it.

  3. The US created islamic terrorism to have a way to weaken all russian allies and invade countries that do not want to bow down in from of the zionist regime in Israel and the USA! Stop that propaganda! Wake up people! You do not live in a democracy! You are living in an illusion, with all it's medias and consume to distract from the real problems. All that bullshit about Trump's personal life is just to make you ignore that the policy of the USA didn't change at all! The course is total war against russia, china and iran! Expanding Nato! Enslave all citizens financially! Total control with "social media"! Read Orwells "1984" – it's the reality of today!!

  4. Why are you putting dots in Somaliland ?? our country is peaceful and stable, we don't have any terrorism in our country. Do some fucking research before you make a shitty propoganda video !

  5. I don't understand if you really feel threatened or you really don't like them declare war and risk losing men and destroy the isis organization it's that simple.every body knows country's like england,france,usa,canada and many more can destroy the isis organization.but know the governant sit at home and act like nothing is going on while watching naked and afraid.SMH

  6. I remember when i saw it on news with my dad, when Gaddafi was killed…i was 11 then, and my dads exact words were "Well now Lybia will turn into a shithole Islamic Caliphate and Syria is next"…wow i mean he wasnt right about Syyria turning into an Islamic caliphate since Assad is winning the war, but he predicted the Syrian war like it was nothing…


  8. Come on "Economist" 🙂 are you afraid of CHINA? China is going to make factories to create a "new CHINA" in AFRICA. Which were tens of years the colony of Europe. Now, they have a chance, and you want to make a change. It won't work. Don't lie. In the aspect of ISIS there is a simple equation:
    >> find_some_ ignorant + encourage_them +give_some_weapon = terrorists
    >> terrorists + give_some_featured_id(islam) = war
    >> war + blood_of_innocent = money
    This is again what you going to make in other countries. Using the name of Islam is to make your fortress stronger.
    Did you ever heard the meaning of Islam ? It means PEACE. Not war, or fight.
    If you scared of ISLAM, not what these stupid, babarian ISIS named fools are, you are wrong. You have to be afraid of your inside hesitant guys. Creating an Islamofobia is easy but to bear it is hard.
    We did not nail and kill your Jesus, THEY did it! Remember.

  9. I am from Libya, and to be honest it's weird how US government didn't see this will happen after taking out Muammar Gaddafi, not just Libya will suffer from these people, Africans and Europe will suffer from refugees and somehow its seems like Muammar Gaddafi was the king of Africa as he describe himself, because after his fall Africa falled with him.

  10. These sons of bitches better not come to my country or they'll receive million lashes with bamboo sticks for all the innocent lives they've hurt and killed

  11. Fuk your propaganda and your Isis bastards. The west business is war. They have the top weapon makers and create terrorism and terrorist to sell weapons n destruction for profit. Media panders to them and misleads public.

  12. Just imagine what would happen if a far-right, Fascist or even Neo-Nazi group would take hold of the sahel ! 😵😵😵

  13. It's danger to world …. I'm not referring every Muslim…. Cuz I have Muslim frnds and they would never follow this….
    But Islam extremist are threat to world's peace….

  14. This is getting out of hand we need to clean our government and the world from idiots that just think in war and invading other countrys to increase there wealth

  15. Pathetic battles, I mean what kind of battle are these? child playing? I feel like the USA isn't putting much effort into war. USA could easily wipe out entire force if they attack with 100,000 troops. Like they did in WW2

  16. Obama Bush and clintons: destabilizes the middle east

    Europe: were these refugees comin from

    Obama and Bush and clintons: you better take in those poor refugees otherwise u racist

  17. If you are black and Muslim you better learn from this video, before it is too late

  18. As Diplomacy Shifts, U.S. Expands Military-Style Training no wonder why the 🇺🇸 is now setting up in Africa watch this ☝

  19. The point is, those governments that the western saw as dictators contained these terrorist groups to grow and spread. Shame on you western countries whom overthrown these dictators, such as Saddam Hussein and Khadafi. You brought the worst humanity disasters to the world, terrorism.

  20. What bullshit..
    this video unminds your intelligence as it’s made.
    The finest propaganda!!

  21. Western countries are trying hard to portray that they are fighting these groups because they may create crisis in the region. In all honesty, these westerners could care less if the region is poverty stricken, which it is with their puppets in power. The only reason they oppose the Islamist factions rising is that they threaten their interests in the region, ie stealing and looting of Africa’s natural resources. But the truth will come out and Africa will one day wake up to this reality.

  22. Who killed Gaddafi, answer Americans …who killed Saddam Hussein, answer Americans……who created so called Isis indirectly, answers Israel and American…….


  24. In reality the euro-american powers are the evil crusaders and remnants of resistance are the good guys who are trying to evict european Christian invaders from muslim countries. The Christian zionist Europeans have infiltrated muslim world through proxy and installing puppet leaders. Geopolitical hackers knows the atrocities done by euro-american powers with daily bombing of civilians and proxy armies doing atrocities behalf of nato. Imperialist propaganda has no boundaries . The video is doing misinformation with continuation of disingenuous information. Media can make the oppressors as victims and the victims as oppressors – Malcom x aka malik shabbaz.

  25. you should know there are more than billion of muslims living peacefully around the world you should show them but you're showing terrorist and saying that they are Islamic and the're not why are you spreading negativity about Islam? and even you do know that they're basically anti-Islamic Groups.

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