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all right where is a Jake he's right there man Ice King you better roll along where are you hiding him who are you talking about it's Kanta he's gone missing you and their goats Ice King we didn't take Gunther come on man not the food daddy's here to save you've gone t what makes you think we took him cuz it's obvious you took Gunther because Gunther is like your Jake wait what maybe Gunter's like your Finn the bourne is you guys have always resented us for that fact and that like that cops – dudes motive and conspiracy to harm my little road dog content you think you could like turn into a little Gunter and go over to him that's gonna be kind of weird yeah but I'll calm him down so alright alright alright wink wink oh look at the little guy you want to try telling us what happened okay so we were watching some young men's junior figure skating championships on the tube semi-finals I went to the kitchen to fix us up some date when I came back he was gone hmm what do you think Jake should we check out the ice kingdom for clues or we could get a real good night's sleep and start fresh and early in the morning [Applause] see he's gone sure you checked everywhere he's not behind the fridge he's not hanging with his boys he's not anywhere near that ransom note did you just say ransom note yeah what you guys act like you ain't never heard of no ransom note before if you ever want to see Gunter again go to moose bone clearing in the Forgotten forest come alone don't bring any cops homo we better go do what he says I'm coming for you God you know this could all just be some kind of a goof he seems for real yo hey man we're coming with you but they said no cops we're not cops yeah we are and this cop is your best chance at finding Gunther there's moose bone clearing I wonder if it's called that because it's shaped like a moose bone okay we're right behind you cops what cops oh wait I mean first show me Gunther no okay poor Gunther I hope he's okay this is the day I found them and this is his first birthday his 15th birthday his hundred and fifteen birthday the last time I saw Gunther I was yelling at him for pudding but it wasn't Gunther who boated it was me hey man you can't blame yourself everybody Poots hand it over Jake whoa dude you take those eight and I'll take that one okay Jake sees gotcha how are you guys the Cavalry's here this isn't working as well as they thought it would I'll give that back yeah these boxes think they can outfox Ice King time to pay a visit to a foxy old friend you


  1. I miss this show so much … 😿 … I just watched the last episode of the whole show and … I’m crying … 😔 🐶 🧒 🗡 🐛🐘 🍎

  2. The last time I saw Gunter I was yelling at him for pooting, but it wasn't Gunter who was pooting, IT WAS ME!
    This is so powerful I cry every time

  3. Fox: Put the crown on the ground and leave
    Ice King: First show me Gunter!
    Fox: No
    Ice King: o k

  4. This episode kickstarted the stream of episodes that ended season 7 with an amazing bang! And it's pretty high up among those episodes imo.

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