Abraham Hicks Guided Meditation for Getting into the Vortex (Most Powerful Meditation)

In this video, I’m going to share with you
a guided meditation for getting into the Vortex inspired by Abraham picks this video I think
can totally transform your life and allow you to be in the vibration that you prefer
in the easiest way possible. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand
their consciousness. Now in this video I’m going to be sharing
with you and Abraham Hicks guided meditation that I think will totally transform your life,
and the reason I say that is because the principles that I share in this meditation have transformed
my own life. Now, understanding what the vortex is, understanding
how we can get into it is the key to us experiencing a totally new reality when that goes beyond
having to try hard, when that goes beyond having to re create resistance along the way,
and when you understand the vortex, you understand manifestation all together. Now, in order to do this, what I want to do
is I’m going to do a quick demonstration of exactly what the vortex is explained in such
a simplistic way that I think you’ll really begin to understand it because a lot of times
when we hear it talked about, we can kind of get it, but to feel into it and understand
it’s totally different thing and I believe that this will help you to do that. Then we’re going to move into the meditation
that I think if you listen to for 21 days will totally transform your life. I think you’ll begin to merge with yourself
in a completely new way. The real part of who you are and that as you
do that, you find that things happen easier than ever. Now, first off, just to explain this, just
to give us a little bit of basis when we’re in a certain state of being. When we are in a higher vibrational state
of being, we manifest things easier than ever when we are trying to create from a paradigm
of lack. When we are creating from a lower vibration,
it takes a lot more energy to make things happen and we create a lot of resistance and
blocks along the way. That’s why when most people have the intention
of having and getting certain things in their life, they’ll experience blocks. It’s because they’re coming at it from a place
of lack. They’re coming at it from a place as if that
over there. It’s going to make me feel better, but the
truth is we can make ourselves feel the way that we prefer right now in the present moment
by understanding our emotions in a new way. Now let’s look at this of our goals and that
of the vortex like this. I’m going to use my handy dandy notebook here
to show you, but imagine that this is us and what we want to do is we want to create what
we want in our life. Now in general, we always get in life that
which is equal to the vibration that we are putting out. Now, when we think of that about it from the
higher vibrational point of view, I’m going to go ahead and put a charge right over here
that you’re going to see right there and that chart you’ll see there’s different emotions
on that chart, the higher vibrational emotions or towards the top. Now when you get towards the top, you move
from that of shame, fear, guilt, up to neutrality. Then eventually you get to willingness. Then you get up to love bliss, and then enlightenment
is at the very top. The idea behind the vortex is that what we
learned how to do is to tap into our higher vibrational states of consciousness, of love,
of bliss, of joy, of peace, and we can do that by getting into what is called the vortex. Now imagine that this is the. What I’m putting out is the vibration. Imagine that. This right here is my vortex. Now my vortex is that have a higher vibrational
state of being. You can think of this as an energetic. You can literally think of it as a vortex
that is constantly having the energy go within it and it’s also increased in the vibration
of what has ever within it. Now think of it like this. We all have a state of consciousness that
when we get to our things just happen effortlessly for us. Maybe you’ve had it before. Have you ever had it where you’ve had a date
where things just happen for you when you were in such a good state that Enid is something
a little bit negative happened. It didn’t get to you. That could have been because you’re in your
vortex. Now, we all have a vortex which is a higher
state of consciousness that when we step into things manifest easier than ever. Now the key is understanding that when we
get into this vortex, which has a high vibration, when we get into this vortex, our thoughts
have more magnetic power. Our thoughts have more of an ability to attract
to it that which is equal to it. So imagine that we’re on this vortex. We’re in this. However we feel. Imagine that chart that I just put over here
year and second ago. Imagine that chart. There’s different emotions within this vortex
and as we raise our vibration, we perceive of the reality that is equal to that emotion
we feel so if we are feeling that have lower negative emotions, we will see the reality
that is equal to that of whatever we are perceiving Uf, and then same for each emotion as we move
up. Now there’s a certain progression, there’s
a certain way, and in the meditation today you’re going to learn how to do that to where
you move from the lower emotions to that of neutrality, and then from neutrality up to
that of unconditional love and bliss. So this is about being aware of the different
levels of what we perceive of and how we can move up the scale. Now, something that Abraham Hicks has said
before is that instantaneously when you have a desire or an intention for something, the
vortex already has it. It already exists. Now, maybe you’ve heard of my teachings before,
and the way that I explain it is that there’s an infinite number of parallel realities that
exist, so technically, even before you think about it already exists in some form because
there’s an infinite number of parallel realities that exist, but nonetheless you can apply
what you know about what I’ve said with that, with this understanding that there’s an infinite
number of parallel realities that exist and when you have an intention, it is a neatly
there. It’s already there. It’s about lining up and closing the gap between
where you are to where you want to be in the way you close that vibrational gap is through
the vortex. So we have where we are to where we want to
be, and what we do is we look at the vibration that is here. We look at the vibration that is here and
when we get into the vortex, we immediately begin to close this gap because we’re in a
higher vibrational state when we’re in this higher vibrational state of being. Our thoughts have more magnetic power and
we create things in a much easier way. This is when we then begin to perceive of
that which we put into our vortex and that which we put into our vortex already exists
because everything already exists, but when we connect to it, that’s when things began
to change and a very radical type nature. Now understanding we always perceive that
which is equal to our vibration. The first step should be or can be for us
to raise our vibration. When we raise our vibration, we start to perceive
of more that is equal to whatever we are in the state of and the way we could do that
is by, as I said, getting into the vortex and by letting go of what doesn’t serve an
allowing this energy to carry us. So this is the vortex. This is how we create what we want. This is how we close the gap. It seems like a paradox, but instead of saying,
I’ll be, I’ll see it and when I do see it, then I’ll believe it. It’s the other way around. You must believe it to see it. So in the same way, in order for you to experience
the reality of ultimate abundance, you have to already be feeling everyday reality of
ultimate abundance. Now, here’s something else that’s powerful. We’ll mix this in with the Abraham Hicks teachings. It’s understanding that the version of you
doing exactly what you want to be doing, the version of you in your vortex filling, the
bliss, feeling, the love that version of you already exists, because there’s an infinite
number of parallel realities that exist. This is what quantum visits is showing us. So because of that, all we have to do is begin
to link up with that version of us. And the way we can do that is by getting into
the boards x and closing this vibrational gap. And that’s exactly what the meditation you’re
about to listen to, will help you to do so. The meditation you’re about to listen to,
what I would do is right at the timestamp that you see. I’ll put it in the description box below the
timestamp for that. At this meditation, I recommend that you listen
to this meditation every single day for 21 days, and as you do it, you’re going to begin
to refine your vibration. You’re going to begin to close this vibrational
gap from where you are to where you want to be, and as you start to embody the vibration
of this reality, now it will become your reality and not only that, you will enjoy the process
along the way because when you’re in a higher vibrational state of consciousness, you feel
good. Now at the same time, you will then be manifesting
in a much easier way. So the idea is to get rid of the lack. Get rid of the desire, get rid of the needing
things to be better and get into the vibration of already having it. The vibration of wanting it says, we don’t
already have it. That vibration of having it is the vibration
of the reality that we want, which has in the vortex the higher vibrational states of
consciousness has us, and the way that we’re going to do that today is through the meditation
that we’re going to get into right now. So what I’m going to go ahead and do is I’m
going to put this right over here and now what I’m going to do is that we are going
to take some deep breaths in, some deep breaths out, and we’re going to feel our body relaxed
more and more. I recommend you listen to this meditation
while laying down or sitting down if you can, with headphones. Preferably. I’m going to cue the music here in a second
and we’re going to drift off deeper and deeper. I’m going to be using some that have some
techniques that get us into a very deep level of relaxation and I’ll be using some NLP techniques
for us to increase our vibration. And this is something that if you see my meditations
before this is I think what makes the meditation’s very powerful is using that of the NLP. So let’s go ahead and get into this right
now. Take a deep breath in, deep breath out and
feel our body relax more and more as you breathe out, feel your body relax more
and more. And now what we’re going to do is we’re going
to put our hands over our heart center. The reason this is is the heartmath institute
to show him is that the more we put the attention inside of our heart, the more we grow the
electromagnetic energy around our body. And the more we do that, the more we grow
into the vortex of a higher vibrational state of consciousness. So let’s take another deep breath in. Deep breath out. As you breathe out, feel inside of your body,
not invite you to close your eyes if you can and feel the sensation inside of your head. Feel the sensation behind your eyelids. Roger knows. Imagine a warm sensation being brought now
to your forehead. Imagine your forehead relaxing more and more. Bring this warm sensation to your jaw and
imagine your jaw relaxing, loosening up, loosen up the tongue on the top of your your mouth. Bring the awareness to your neck, your left
arm, your left hand. Imagine it, feel it. Relax your right arm, your right hand. Feel it, loosen up, bringing the awareness
now into your hands and into your heart and imagine that there’s a ball of energy
inside your heart center. Any color that you like and imagine it spinning
faster and faster, and the faster this ball spins, the more you feel. This tingling sensation inside of your heart. You can feel it now beginning to increase. It starts off small, but it starts to grow. You can feel this tingling sensation increasing
inside of your heart center. This is love. Allow yourself to soak in this vibration that
bring the awareness into your abdomen. Feel it, relax, bring your attention and your
awareness into your left leg, your left foot. Feel your toes relax your right leg, your
right foot, your right toes relax. Now imagine that there’s a wave of energy
that is flowing through your whole body and imagine that it is leaving your heels of both
your feets. Any energy that’s not serving you any stale
energy. Imagine it leaving your feet any darker energy. You don’t prefer to have any resistance. Imagine it leaving the heels of your feet
right now. I’ll wave of relaxation flowing through your
body and out your heels. The negative energy goes. Now feel how relaxed and peaceful it feels
to be here. Now imagine that you are in a very relaxing
place. Sticks can be any place you can come back
to whenever you want in your mind. It can be outdoors. It could be in a forest by the beach or by
or in a room that you find relaxing. Whatever it is. Imagine that you’re in this relaxing place. Look around and notice what you see. Now. Imagine whatever you can see the colors. Imagine them getting brighter and brighter. What do you hear in this environment? Imagine the sound becoming louder and louder. Pay attention to how it feels to be in the
serene environment and imagine that energy increasing more and more. Now notice that off into the distance about
15 feet away, you noticed that. Have a door that was in the middle of this
location. This door is a door that when you walk through,
you walk into what is known as your vortex that’s walk up to the door. Now we’re going to take 10 steps close to
the door, towards the door. Every step that we take, we’re going to feel
an increase of love in our body. We’re going to feel more relaxed, more presence
with a certainty that we are going to be in a high vibrational
state of being. Now begin to take a step 10. Every number I count. You feel doubled. The amount of love. Double the amount of relaxation inside of
your body. Nine, feeling this energy begin to increase. Now you can feel the tingling sensation in
your heart. Eight, every step that you take, you can feel
it double in the amount of love that you feel through your body. Seven, six, getting closer to this door. Now, five, only a couple of feet away for
three to double the amount of relaxation. Double the amount of love and one. Now you are at the front of this door and
you see that it is marked, the vortex. When you walk into this room, you are going
to feel an increase of energy unlike anything you have ever felt before right now. Imagine anytime in your past, when you felt
in this high vibe state and imagine that times 100. This is going to be an exhilarating experience
where you will know and feel connected to your higher self and to your vortex and a
totally new way. Now put your hand on that of the door knob
and begin to turn the doorknob and as you open this door, you notice there’s a bright
light that comes through. It’s a very warm, bright light that makes
you feel love, that makes you feel a blissful feeling just by opening the door and as you
look in, you can see a vortex of energy, a spiral vortex of energy with glistening light
inside of it, and you know that when you step into this vortex in a minute, you’re going
to feel more love, more higher vibrational states of being than you have ever felt in
your entire life. Now, what we’re going to do is in a moment,
we’re going to take a step into this vortex and set the intention right now that in this
vortex you feel unknowing. You feel a connection to that of your higher
self, to that of your inner being, and that as you feel this connection, you know that
anything you want to manifest in your life is easy and it’s a natural part of who you
are. Ah. Now what we’re going to do is we noticed this
vortex of energy flowing in increased vibration, and what we are now going to do is we’re going
to take a step into the vortex and when we take this step into the vortex, we are going
to feel this energy flow through our whole body. We’re going to feel in a higher vibrational
state than we ever have before, so I’m going to count down from three to one, and when
I reach one step into the vortex and begin to feel in this vibration of unconditional
love in these higher states of consciousness of who you really are. Three, get ready now. In a moment or two, you’re going to step into
the vortex to take one step forward. The next step, you are going to be in that
of the vortex and one, allow yourself now to feel all of this energy flow through your
body. You can feel this energy now flowing through
your veins. You can feel all your desires are fulfilled,
everything you you know, you can simply intend for it, and it is yours. Allow any emotion to come up to allow any
emotion to come up and know that this vortex is something you can connect to anytime you
want. By simply remembering this experience, this unconditional love is who you are now. Pay attention to how you feel in this vortex
and now put your awareness on your intentions for what you want to experience in your life. As you’re in this state right now, your thoughts
have a magnetic power to them. Unlike anything you’ve felt before and you
thinking and feeling into your intentions will magnify the probability of them happening. So imagine any intention that you have. Think I intend. Dot Doug. Doug, what do you intend for her? Imagine whatever intentions you have coming
to fruition, what it feels like to accomplish them. What if feels like to already be the person,
the version of you that has these things that experiences these things as natural? This is who you are. From this point going forward, you will notice
more of a reflection of what you want to experience in your life than ever before. From this moment going forward, you have for
ever changed because you have connected to your vortex, to your higher states of consciousness,
of who you naturally are. Now I’m going to count down from five to one, and with every number I count, you’re going
to feel more awareness, more alertness, ready to go, ready to have an amazing day knowing
that you’ve tapped into your and a very powerful way and you will carry with it a vibration
in your heart that’s carried with you. Everywhere you go. Five, fill yourself now. Starting to bring your awareness back to the
here and now for filling this alertness, this present this in your body. Three, feeling yourself becoming more alert,
more presence to start to wiggle your toes. Start to move around and one, you can open
up your eyes. Now knowing you have just tapped into your
vortex in to the highest level of vibration that is your natural state of being. From this point going forward, you are forever
changed. The vortex is who we really are. Anytime we feel experienced less than it’s
becoming from an attachment to some level of thinking that’s under that have unconditional
love, bliss and joy. My advice to you is to tap into your vortex
every single day. Tap into this higher vibrational state of
being where your thoughts have magnetic power. Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before,
you will experience things in your life manifest in a very fast way from this point going forward. So like I said, I recommend you listen to
this meditation for 21 days to get the maximum benefit out of it. And from there I recommend you listen to it
as a refresher to always tap into your vibration of who you naturally are. It will get easier as you do it. Eventually you’ll feel it easier to tap into
this natural state, but I encourage you to know and be on the lookout today for things
happening in your life that are proof confirmation that this is who you are. So with that being said, I hope you enjoyed
this video. I will see you on the next one. Peace. Much love in nom estate.


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