Satsang is God’s Magnet [Mooji] It is really occurring to me that maybe it is a good time to talk
a little bit about [silence] what my main intention
or purpose of sharing Satsang is. And it is very straight forward because I don’t have a lot of teaching to give. I remember once I gave an example, that one time I came out of the bath, not just shower, but bath tub and having washed with a flannel and soap and washed off all of this and now we pull the plug and then all the water is draining out. And I was observing because all the soapy residue and all the muck that comes off the body,
it’s all in the tub. And everything in the tub is heading to the hole through which everything goes
and I’d pulled the plug and for a while I simply found myself
observing the whole thing and I saw that all the material was spread throughout on the surface of the water
and there was a movement, there’s a gentle bobbing up and down
of all the water. Hundreds of litres of water we use but it’s going like this and I saw that at the furthest end away from the exit hole things are bobbing down there. There’s very little movement apart from up and down and everything is slowly moving towards the hole, everything slowly, slowly! I had one of those sinks
where the water didn’t go [indicates fast flow], it took a little bit and I see the water and then a little bit closer
you can definitely sense that there was a bobbing up and down
but there was a movement and it was going more towards the hole and closer still there was definitely a pull,
you could see it. Everything is being pulled,
there’s really a movement. And as you come right close to the hole
everything enters a swirl, and right there they are not going any more
like this, they are into a swirl and [sucking noise]
they’re gone, everything is gone! So, it became a beautiful metaphor of seeing for me that all this water represented the manifest world or the full expression of seeking for Truth.
Or life. And I saw that the beings
who were furthest from the hole all were in the water,
all are subject to this magnetism, this pull to go through this hole and this hole represents the entrance into the Self. But the one’s who seem furthest away would be those whose minds are more involved
in life and the world, have aspiration for worldly things. They’re also in the pull,
but they don’t recognize it yet, they’re just more up and down a little bit. And as it moves those closer to the hole
there’s a movement that maybe correspond to people who have begun to have a deeper sense that life is not merely its surface reading as it is presented through the mind, but that there are deeper layers of consciousness
or of awareness of life. They still have a life in the world and maybe one that they invest
a fair amount of energy and belief into it, but there’s also a discernment
that life is more than this and you may say that these are spiritual people, religious people. And as it comes closer there’s definitely a pull and that pull will be more about the people who, definitely, their life is in response to a spiritual invitation of some sort
either something internal or external, but there’s definitely a pull
and there’s definitely an awareness that life is transient at the body-mind level of life and their attention is more towards awakening to the Truth or getting closer to God, or whichever way that our spiritual conditioning or religious conditioning prepares our mind
to think in a certain way. But right near to the hole are those who
have not got much time to think about worldly thinking, worldly things, they are so caught now in that unavoidable pull and their lives become dedicated to it. But at the same time there are beings
who are like a big X over the hole. So, who are they? I wonder who they are. Somehow their lives are pulled towards this, but at the end there’s a strong resistance to not go, strong fears come, ‘Oh my God!
I’m going to disappear’. So, all these beings are in Satsang, particularly in my Satsangs
there are going to be beings who have got a very distinct sense. Not only, there are people also
who are mildly curious, they feel something and may, at any moment,
feel such a pull unexpectedly that somehow their life is fully lit up, charged with some deep inspiration and aspiration for spiritual fulfillment. But all are in the waters of God, the whole water. I’ll have to liken the Satsangs
that are being presented here as particularly potent for those
who have a very clear pull to go home. Go home is not home. This home, it’s not a house. This home is your heart.
This home and heart are the same thing. And this place is not somewhere else, it simply means your truest Self
because throughout life we are experiencing
very different stages of consciousness when consciousness has adopted
the human garment and persona as its persona, as though that’s what it is. So, I say that the consciousness somehow has painted a portrait of itself as a person,
and has invested not all, but much of it’s energy
into this belief of person-hood. But because it is expressed in a realm of impermanence so many things are acting upon this notion of Self. And so it has to go through all these stages
whereby first it’s very deeply, very strongly identified with
the body and bodily life, it’s aspirations are only for things
which are subject to time and change. So, the life is not stable and the stability of a person’s life
is mostly imagined. And that imagination sustains
and provides the necessary impetus, the necessary motivation to continue or to perpetuate that paradigm of life. But for those whose minds
so much begin to experience, not just imagine, but the life that I point to, the space, the being-ness,
the inner-ness that I point to, it has become a reality for them. They are not merely tourists there, they don’t go there for day excursions, but they are living that,
not necessarily as an action taken, but as a consequence of their own in-seeing, their own deeper understanding
is becoming more a fact and the person is becoming fiction. For others the person is a fact and the sense of Presence is the fiction. Or at least it seems remote
and almost a bit of a fantasy or it seems very high for very few. These are the notions that pervade
and saturate the human condition. And why it seems that out of seven billion or seven and a half billion human beings
so few are aware that our truest nature
is already established inside the heart, what I call the heart, but we are unaware of it. Our highest Self is right here
but we are unaware of it! So, at the crux, at the very heart
of all this search for truth is a simple fact that everything is already here. Everything is already here! When I gave the example that now
we have all this technology, human beings have reached
a certain height of technology and more to come, more to follow,
much, much more can follow. And that there are other beings in other regions, other planes of existence
and even within this plane of existence who are much more advanced
technologically than ourselves we will soon find. But everything that we have researched
and discovered and made use of in our technological advancement, all the material that has been used and discovered have always been on this planet. But for many, many centuries, thousands of years we were not so aware of it. Yet, in certain parts of the world
there was awareness of these things, but we don’t hear so much about that. My point is, whenever we come to discover, the highest you will find it is here. The lowest also is here. The possibility to be the lowest is also here, the possibility to reach the highest is also here. What brought you particularly to this path and at the stage where you may be right now? Maybe you have no way of tracing that and there’s no need to know, in fact. And no knowledge that is presented through
the mind will be reliable. What is a fact, is that you are here now. And whether the things that I point to
you can see clearly enough or only feel that you have a glimpse of and that your glimpse is expanding. And that amongst the number of beings who are here, who have come and maybe gone, that some are much more
deeply established in that seeing which is an uncreated seeing; nobody can create it, it is not helped by imagination. It can only be discovered, it cannot be developed. But in the notion of person-hood the consciousness has to also provide
a path for the person. The personal aspect of consciousness, it moves in an evolutionary manner that means it evolves through varying states becoming more and more self aware, it particularly grows through
the sense of becoming a better person, becoming more kind, more generous,
more thoughtful, more open, more surrendered. This is the avenue or paradigm
of the evolutionary growth of person-hood. So, we grow in this way. Ultimately, the growth of the person is only to make the consciousness refined enough, open enough to grasp more subtle truth and to, in a sense, fall away
from the limited role of person-hood and enter into the realm of presence.
You want to say something? [Questioner 1] Yes. That’s what happened, I felt when I was here in summer
and when I came back home, I felt much more kind, much more relaxed
and much more wise. [M.] She’s saying that this is what happened, when she was here from last time
when she went back home she felt that automatically she was in a space where she was much more relaxed,
more open, more kind. [Q.1] But somehow
it’s still in the realm of good and bad, better and worse and it’s exhausting. It’s more relaxed in the moment which is like better, but it’s like cheating. It feels like it’s a better person. It’s not true. [Mooji] She says that although she felt that she had raised up
in terms of becoming a better person, becoming more open, more relaxed,
more kind, it came with a bit of a burden,
it was like cheating because it was still only the growth of a person which ultimately is an illusory being. This is not taught in the world. The world cannot bear it, not yet because we have been so steeped,
so immersed in person-hood that we have to evolve through the shape, the paradigm of person-hood and now it’s too late to turn back
for some people, to go or to see the other expressions
of consciousness such as this very direct, non-dual seeing. And though it is readily available, the seeing, and so powerful in its impact
that you’re not developing something, so you’re not at the mercy of time,
instantly you can see. But what will take time? It will take time to be established in that seeing because although you may see something and the impact of that seeing
can take you out of hell instantly, but there will be a ‘to and fro’ for a while and it will take time to gradually burn off the remanents of person-hood. [Q.1] It’s like there’s a temptation to go with
the good person and to enjoy it and to grow, but it is not … [Mooji] It is good to be a good person also because the two ways
are not like two different planets, they are modes of consciousness. The sense of the person is one of growing, evolving, becoming better, being a better person, it can also lead to a sense of pride,
of arrogance, being someone who saves others and so on.
But it leads to a good life. I would definitely encourage people
to be more kind, and in fact … because there is a kind of evolving also
even in the non-dual path, of letting go or going beyond
the whole paradigm of person-hood because everyone has this person-hood quality. Whether you’re Buddhist or Hindu or whatever, we still have been immersed in the conditioning that leaves us with a conviction that we are merely a person,
that you are this body and you are the conditioning
that the body was subject to for a while, but not just for a while, throughout all our life, unless you wake up
we are perpetuating the conditioning. So, we need not be afraid because whatever you have grasped
through the non-dual pointing, the fruit of that understanding will be expressed in the dynamic expression of the Self also. Because if people say, ‘Yes. Yes. I’m awake,’ but in daily life you have no love for people, you have fear of them, we’re very, very mean and full of judgements; it doesn’t tally up. So, what you realize in the more inner realm there’s nothing much to show for it. It’s not like you have any certificates or people can see your actions in that way and yet it has a tremendous impact because there is, in fact,
a more deeper and truer impact. Some people may try to fake a sense of holiness, but in one who has really awakened to the Truth, it is as though your form
takes on a kind of luminosity even, people who are spiritually sensitive
recognize you, they don’t recognize religion,
they recognize there’s an energy, there’s a presence that makes them feel
very peaceful or that in such a presence automatically their own spiritual consciousness
is raised up, without any effort. They find that their troublesome mind
comes to rest in a certain presence. This is the power. Without doing things get done and undone.
This is the difference. When you have a very strong identity as a person we need tangible results, tangible things. One time in India, one man said
he was on a train coming to Satsang and he met another man
and they had a conversation on the train and one man said to the one coming to Satsang,
‘Where are you off to?’ because he saw him reading this book. So he says, ‘I’m going to Rishikesh
to see one teacher there.’ ‘Oh! What sort of teacher?’
‘A spiritual teacher.’ ‘Oh! OK. I’m also myself a Christian. Tell me something.
Can your Master make miracles?’ He was testing, ‘Can your Master do miracles?’ So the man said and he was expressing
this in Satsang last year I think it was,
he said, ‘But miracles are a small thing. The great miracle is that he transformed
someone who was dead in the heart to bring them to life and the Truth!
That is miraculous.’ He said, ‘Yes, but can he make things happen
like this?’ He said, ‘You’ve got the wrong picture.
That’s fine. He can do this. But the real miracle is that a human being wakes up from the death of ignorance
to their true nature and is set free by the realization of the Self.’ We have different ways of measuring, some people their aspiration
is to do miraculous things or to to believe in these things, which is fine also,
it’s an expression of consciousness. So, it takes a particular temperament and maturity to begin to feel the profundity
of the call to non-dual understanding. For a while we can also be progressing in the evolutionary realm of becoming
a better person, studying more, practising more, becoming more skilled, more learned and so on, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re free. It does not necessarily mean
that you attain freedom, liberation. You can also grow in pride as followers of the non-dual path,
also can grow in pride. Their downfall is sometimes thinking
that they have understood and that they have got something, but then in their daily expression they are very clumsy about many things
and it gives it away because as you awaken to the Truth automatically every aspect
of your expression is blessed by it. And you may be a very clumsy person
from the beginning, but something begins to move in a new way with more order, more grace. So, there’s ways in which life will test out whether your realization is complete or not, especially if you claim you have done it. We talked a little bit this morning. Krishna was talking to me about something, about certain states of mind come
and they feel so true. They feel like, ‘It’s true.
What’s going on in the moment is true. And I have to come out. I want to come out of this. It’s so painful, I just want to get rid of it.’ And I said, Sometimes we put too much importance on the physical disappearance of something
that troubles you. It is enough that you use it to understand
your true nature and even if it hangs about for a while
it will not stay then. If you want too much to get rid of it, you’re using inquiry like a painkiller and then as soon as it goes, you say,
‘Aah! I feel good’. But the one who should go with it
is the one who suffers it. Both the thing
and the one who suffers it should go, but we keep the sufferer
and try to get rid of the suffering, but the sufferer is not the ultimate state. And when we come to this point, when I say, The one who says, ‘I’ve been doing this for so long. I don’t think I’m making any progress’, Or ‘I thought I was doing very well
and I see I’ve slipped all the way back’, who speaks with this type of passion,
and when I begin to say, But this identity is also not the ultimate identity,
it itself is also illusory. It is consciousness,
but you’re not free with this identity. And there, many people turn back.
They say, ‘I can’t follow this because when I’m with you I feel like I’m not this. I feel like I’m in a state of just emptiness.
It’s really great, but when I’m on my own it comes back and how can I get rid of this ‘I’ – ‘me’, which is not quite a person any more, but it’s not quite the Self, it’s like a limbo self.’ But all spiritual people carry this spiritual ego. Is it possible to go beyond it? And if you’re totally beyond it
do you speak differently? Do you speak without saying ‘I’?
It’s not at all like that! Even you may answer to someone
who refer to you by your old name and your old ways,
something still takes care of that, but you’re not in that internally, something is completely changed about it. We still, even here, have not transcended the spell of egoic identity it is still prevalent, it is still present. Maybe, here and there we have a sense that, ‘Ah! Yes, I’m not this’ or we speak, ‘We are not this,’ and we even have a conviction, ‘We are not that,’ but still carrying the carcass of the person. It’s not a new way of speaking, not another vocabulary, not another dictionary,
but something changes when the one here
is no longer ruled by personal motives. That is what is required. [Questioner 2 speaks inaudibly] [Mooji] Speak out. [Questioner 2] This Satsang is really speaking
so directly in my heart and it’s speaking about what I’m experiencing. [Mooji] It should be speaking to the heart
of everybody. [Q.2] Also, I started feeling this fear
and like sleeping coming and I felt it’s because
it’s touching this fear of … it’s addressing this fear of loss of individuality or some form of person-hood. [Mooji] Let’s slow down and look at these things because you mention a big one there! ‘The fear of the loss of the sense of individuality.’ Because if you don’t look at these things front on you will not go past them. And on the surface you’ll study all the books,
you’ll learn everything. But as Papaji says,
‘You could be a seeker for hundreds of years, but if avoidance is at the root of it,
you will not reach freedom’. And these are avoidances because as you begin to touch the hard core stuff the other stuff becomes easy for you. The person is easy to identity, but you start to hit the other thing, the deeper thing is the fear
of the loss of individuality which is venerated in the human kingdom. It’s like, ‘But if I lose my sense of autonomy
or individuality then what is to replace that? Do I get a divine personality?’ We want to exchange something. What do you have to go by here? I really want you to come
and seriously spend time with me in your heart, wherever you are,
you could be on top of wherever it is, but inside you are really here to be with this. Or you move on. Because if you are dedicated
to just your person-hood and to the sense of individuality, you’re not going anywhere
because you can start to stabilize there, because you feel it’s too uncomfortable to go more, ‘It’s kind of nice here
because I understand the teaching. I understand it’s applying and so on. It’s applying and I am not dying,
but I’m applying.’ This one is still there because
it doesn’t want to feel any threat, but is there greater space
behind this one unexplored? So, this thing I’m talking, that you say, ‘Yeah. It starts to hit here
and something begins to ‘uuhh’!’ And this is why I’m saying, This is missing!
This is missing! And it seems to be more missing
among Westerners than Easterners because I will guarantee if I was in India now maybe I’d have twenty, thirty people
have gone through. It’s like I’ve punched a hole in the ether of the ego and you’re falling through into emptiness. And still you may be perceiving
that on some level that’s a catastrophe. ‘That would be a catastrosphe!
I don’t want to go that far! Life is sweet here, all so nice.
Why to go more than this?’ [Friend 1] I’ve yet to go all the way. [Mooji] Then start again every moment with me. Be fresh and move on, move in, move through. Because this thing I’m asking and I’m sensing something is missing,
you’re holding back and I don’t want to spend time
with you holding back, I am not here for this. [Q.2 speaks inaudibly] [Mooji] You must have had a sense!
You must have a sense because before you reach
the space is already appeared for you, it is already set for you, the table is set for you, but you’re underneath it picking up crumbs. This fear you’re not willing to be challenged about and we’re waiting to see
if there’s another way around it. But all this big drama is only that which
is created by your mind, not by the Self, none of it is in the Self.
You are the Self! But at the same time I can say, Not yet. You are, but not yet. A paradox! It’s like you win the lottery,
but you’ve not claimed your money, [Mooji] I don’t even say, You win it.
[Friend] Guruji? [Mooji] I don’t want to shift from this point
for a minute. You mention, the sense of individuality and that this state of individuality feels like it is something
that has to be offered up. Who needs it any way? Do you think
God’s waiting for your individuality? It’s not God that needs,
it’s not the universe that needs it, it’s you who need to give it up. And not even …
I will tell you something, how lenient, how kind has been your way with me because I’ve not even asked you to give it up! I just say, Come deeper in. Not give it up! Leave it right where it is. But something is aware of the sense
of autonomy and individuality, the sense of the loss of it. So, be always in the place
of the perceiving of this and you will find that you’re not choking. But something wants to go into ‘uuuhh!’ The victim, ‘But it might be a trick. I don’t want. I’m not ready. I’m not ready. I’m not steady
and I’m definitely not go!’ So what happens then? The choice need not be dramatic,
it can be very subtle, but nevertheless it is a choice still. Many times your choice only needs to be subtle, nobody needs to hear about it, not even you! But you’ve sent that email to your heart, ‘I’m not coming yet. I’m not ready.’ [Questioner 3] What you did in the last Satsang, it must be something and I’m burning now! Being developed by other beings and so on. And there’s a fear, it’s the same point really, it’s the fear that I’ll go mad or something. [Mooji] Listen. The mind, let me tell you,
this is an ancient game. [Q.3] You said, ‘If you were in India maybe twenty guys will have gone through. So, let’s see if we can pass further, because when you get [speech inaudible] in England, or in western world, maybe that’s why
they can pass through. It might be. [Mooji] I say it lightly,
but there’s a seriousness in it because we are much more protective
of our bodily identity. We put much, much more attention, we spend much more money,
we give so much more energy to preserving our physical existence
than on saving your soul. We endorse so much with that. If I’m sick here in three minutes I have
two hundred remedies, everybody has remedy, also speculative remedies, not things they’ve even tried, we’re full up with it and so very few people are speaking
from experience about these things. So, I’d rather speak with someone from experience, ‘You’ve done it? OK.
Let me hear what happened with you. I can see the results happened,
let me see from you?’ But we’re used to speculation, we are constipated with speculation about life. So, what I’m saying here is that you have come to a certain place with speculation, it’s not even a speculation from your mind. Let me say something, your mind …
You say, ‘My mind is afraid.’ Your mind is not afraid.
Your mind doesn’t exist, in that way! It’s not like, ‘Oh! I can’t go there.’
It just plays that way! If I bring your mind to your heart
you mind would be very happy. It is like Golum.
It says whatever it is and you fight fiercely to protect this identity. And what do you have to parry that? What do you have to reassure you that going beyond this touching on identity and the threats to identity
or to individuality is a good thing? What do you have on the other side? [Q.3] Just the state of the awareness.
That’s the only thing I have to protect myself. [Mooji] Yes, but have you experienced
enough to say, ‘Yes’? Why would you be looking at a teaching or a pointing that’s pointing you beyond anything that you’ve experienced and be attracted to it? What would have given you this confidence? [Q.3] The disappearance of my self. [Mooji] You have experienced it? Yes. [Q.3] Yes. The knowing, peace and freedom and lack of fear that was there. Knowing that. [Mooji] When you were established or you are in the full experience of ‘no mind’,
‘no person’ state, were you afraid of the sense
of the loss of individuality? [Q.3] No. [Mooji] And were you not there?
[Q.3] Yes. [Q.2] One time recently I felt, now I have to say, I touched a place
where I wasn’t even human and it was very beautiful and after that some fears of madness and things like this came. [Mooji] Yes. After that. Why not during that? [Q.2] Because there was no sense of … [M.] When you say, ‘Not even human’,
you were not any specie at all. Consciousness is not a specie. And you experience your specie-less Self and you’re in total Grace and totally happy. And you were there or not? Yes, you’re there, but not in this way that you are now. And the way you may be now is you
plus your ignorance and that is the fear bubble,
‘I’m afraid to fall into it.’ The whole of this is a lie! It’s all a performance by your mind
and you believe it. You, the consciousness who has still
got an association with person-hood and so therefore you came into fear,
that consciousness is afraid and is resisting the invitation to let go
or to come beyond. I’ll open another door for you. Not let go. You say, ‘Let go!
Something feels terrified to let go.’ Because you say, ‘Let go and hold onto nothing.’
I said, No! Not even that! Just leave it be and come more here. Look from here. Hold onto nothing. Put nothing in your pockets
and come and just be here and look and see if you are deficient,
if you’re lacking anything. And even this you won’t do. Even this you will not do. Why? Because it’s easy to slip back into the old regime because it’s clothes you wore before,
you’re used to it, it feels good. You can dance in your clothes
and you can be something. Is that all that’s at play? [Q.3] It’s not so easy to go back. It doesn’t feel easy.
My life wasn’t easy for a while. Really not easy. [Mooji] Actually, anyone who’s sensible will know that your personal life is not easy.
Even if you have enough money, all the money in the world
does not give you a contented life. Maybe easy, depending on how people
may express easy, meaning that you can get what you want, but that is not a guarantee of happiness. [Q.3] But I want to go forward.
When you speak like this about the Indian guys, it makes me feel like ashamed. [M.] It is true. I think shame is a very
appropriate feeling! Because you’re saying that there are other beings who are far more intelligent than you
towards the Truth. Because we are so protective, ‘I, me and mine’. ‘I am my favourite person. I am my favourite person.’ So, something in this feels
very threatened of course. At least begin to see what comes up
when you really begin to look. If you feel, ‘Yes. I can feel something. This fear of the loss of the self preservation
as a person or as an individual, let me look at it. Let’s look at it. It’s in my awareness. It’s in my awareness, as I’ve heard it. Something begins to scan and look and I feel it is felt now that, ‘Yes it’s a sense.
But right now who am I? Am I an individual here? What does it mean individual or not individual? Individual. Not individual? Does that make any difference
to the perceiving of it?’ Then you can see like that. And then like this you’ll find that …
because when you tackle your fear you’ll feel your breath will change. You’ll feel, ‘Hu, hu, hu’ and you’ll watch this and find it softening up and ‘Haaaa’ leaving and you’re at a new place. And that fear, that intensity will again
have subsided. You keep looking, not running. Just looking! If you are not willing to challenge
your old notions which are not even yours,
they are hand me downs, we’ve inherited from generations
of ignorant people, our parents are ignorant,
our doctors and professionals, they’re all ignorant about this Truth. Don’t think that because they’ve gone
before that they were wise, they’re stupid and we are stupid also! And I don’t say that in a derogatory way, it is truthful enough to say we are stupid. We are stupid if we are living
in a notion of ourselves which brings suffering upon our lives
and those around us, we’re holding onto identities
which are deeply selfish and suspicious and full of judgements and we are uncomfortable with life, we are uncomfortable with death, we are uncomfortable with so many things.
And still proud! I mean, the whole thing is a massive joke! And yet when an alternative is offered we are, ‘Uhhh’! I don’t know if I can trust you.’ But you can’t trust anything at all.
Who can trust you? You’re saying, ‘I don’t know if I can trust you.’ But who can trust you? When your words are ‘Yes’ today and ‘No’ tomorrow
and ‘Maybe’ the next day. And you have no control over your projections. [Q.2] And this is what, somehow it’s creating,
like it’s made me stand up because over the past month, even the people I’m working with I see this instability and I can’t trust myself even. [M.] We are very comfortable to live
with the limitations in ourselves. Why? Because everybody else is limited. If you’re in a field of very awakened,
enlightened beings you will not be willing to be limited. You’d feel ashamed to bring your ego and present it as though it is something
of importance. But because it’s common currency and nobody will go, ‘Ooh! What a funny ego’. Nobody does that so we carry on! This is why I say there is a difference energetically in different cultures in the world. I have three or four people, five people in India
sharing Satsangs. And in the West, I think two. I’m not in a hurry to send people out, they have to be scanned,
they have to be really tried out. [Questioner 4] Guruji. I want to say,
I also feel so much shame and desperation when I hear
the thing you said about India. And then when you’re saying
among others that we’re all here and we’re also holding onto the person so much. I think, ‘Wow, all these amazing beings and I’m just one of them
and what chance do I have for this’. And this big fear that not being afraid
to hold on to my identity will stop me from finding my Self. [Mooji] Yes. I like this in a way because …
You’ve heard? [Friend] No. [Mooji] She said,
she feels a little bit ashamed also to hear me say these things about India
and about the West and to feel like we’re here, we’re in these Satsangs almost daily,
where we’re looking. I’m not holding back much from you. Some days you’re not receptive enough
to go further. The Satsangs are not me preaching at you, It’s only delivering the food
that you can eat each day and something in your receptivity allows the smoothness of my flow to happen. If there was not that receptivity
my words would just be straining because it would mean
that we are having a mental exchange. If I can speak to you like that,
it means that there is sufficient space to allow the words to come in somewhere. So, I didn’t come with an agenda, OK, I want to talk about this and you’d better listen. It’s just evolved out of our time together and the love that makes it possible to do that. You say like this, [silence] you feel like you’re amongst
all these amazing beings and maybe you’re one who is not waking up. If you want to be amazing beings,
you have to drop the whole lot. At varying times I might say to people here, Sometimes I feel that people are quite evolved in terms of beings, they’ve become more intuitive. We have people who calling in sometimes
to Monte Sahaja and they need help like S.O.S. And I cannot take all these calls,
so I started electing people. I say, You take these calls.
And so people are being called and are on the phone talking to people
who are suicidal and who are falling apart and can somehow bring a higher level
of consciousness to them and to speak. And I’m very happy for that. But I have to compare you with my goal, not yours. And it means that if there are areas
which are being preserved because you feel, ‘I’m doing really well.’ Of course you have to be doing well if you’re here something has to be changing, to be growing. I look for what’s not growing, I look for where there’s still pockets
of resistance. And say, I can see why there is still
this drain in you, this haemorraging of energy because you’re still investing that energy
in something that’s wrong. And it’s eating up your energy.
It’s not that you’re benefiting from it. You’re not benefiting
from your personal hold-outs. We can see that you look tired. Many indications and the invitation is, Don’t stop here. Don’t go to sleep here. At the same time,
I don’t want anyone to go the other way which is to start feeling overly guilty. Just be guilty enough to make it work for you. Don’t be, ‘I’m no good. No good.’
No! No! Be ashamed enough to say, ‘You know what? I do waste my time a bit.’ And it’s not that everyday you have to studying. It’s not that type of study. We’re not a university. We are universal but we’re not the university. It means that somehow
even in meeting points like this where we’re sitting, you should be burning up! Because something … you look, something is scanning inside to find those areas that need just to be brought in. It’s not that everyone is suffering from ten things.
You’re not! Sometimes it’s two or three little things
that we give life to and they keep the energy feeling
a bit lethargic and bit tired and listen to this voice that you’ve heard
so many times, that you hold back. It’s not that anyone has got so many things … Nothing is wrong with you, actually. Just that we’re giving attention to some things that are not in service to your freedom
and your Truth.That’s all! And as soon as something feels open enough and sometimes through these kind of conversations,
something just feels, ‘You know what, I’m really here for all the way.’ And it has to be more than an emotional expression, it has to be something like, ‘Thank you for this because I do see where I slack off
or I give too much energy to this or I could be much more kind in my way
of moving with each other and that is something that is part of this.’ But most of all, follow my pointing and see immediately where it leads. And be in the place where it leads
because that is the most direct. And keep confirming over and over again. Because in a short time you can bring any state of mind which is chaotic or turbulent, you can bring it back into this place
and totally bring it home to peace. Are you exercising this power in yourself? Because I really don’t want to be
just talking about, ‘Yeah. Sometimes my mind …’
It’s so tiring! We have to move on from that, that bus has left! [Questioner 5] Guruji. In my case I see it like or a feeling like there is no way back. Because since I’ve met you, it will be when you go to India, two years since
I first discovered you, my life changed completely since that time. And it changes very beautifully. And it’s more and it’s deeper I’m with you,
it’s better, I can go to the place to observe and how you say before, to let it be,
let things be. Sometimes the person acts out, but it’s different,
it’s a short time. This guy has not the power any more. [Mooji] This is very good. But don’t be content. [Q.] What does it mean, ‘Don’t be content’? [Mooji] Don’t leave it there only.
Don’t be content. [Q.5] I want to get scanned.
I can give you everything. [Mooji] The indication you gave me just now is,
‘When I go.’ Why should you go away
to have to return in the first place? Even this notion that you come and go
is not true! Your verification should be,
‘That which is and what ‘I am’ is the same.’ It’s not a belief.
You should see it enough that it is just clear, you didn’t make it,
you’re not making up a belief, you’re simply confirming that, ‘What comes and goes is the idea
I keep holding onto as myself which belongs to the mind and comes and goes, like my attention, that comes and goes.’ And attention being one of your intimate powers along with the powers to observe and to identity that when they move, they go with the name ‘I’. So, where ever the attention goes
usually you call it your experience. And we give it. ‘I am not present at the moment.
I’m all over the place.’ Meaning, my attention is all over the place, but what you forget is that there’s something
which is evidently observing that the attention is moving all over the place. That which is aware that the attention is moving
all over the place is that moving all over the place? And the more you sit with this …
because it is a beautiful realization! It is a beautiful realization because you realize, ‘But that does not move.
And who is seeing that it does not move?’ Who is seeing that it does not move? Is that one moving, coming in and out and says,
‘It does not move’? For a while it will seem like this because we still have an identity as a seeker who, ‘When I make effort I can go and stay there but I seem to come out very easily’. But I said, For me now these are all notions. At a certain point it’s just notions.
It’s just nothing. You don’t give any belief. It is not the thing you say,
but how much belief there is in it. It’s not the thing that arises,
but how much importance you give it that creates the impact it will have for you. This is why, one thing. The thing is just a thing. Like I say, We’re watching a football match,
it is just what it is, but you have a hundred commentators giving a hundred different versions of it. Which version is true? No version is true! Because the version is not the match,
the match is the match! The rest is just interpretation. Who sees the match as the match?
Only the one who is empty. [Questioner 6] I wanted to come back
to your pointing because for me, it’s very strong.
I feel it very strong. What you said about punching a hole
through the universe, in the sense that we can pass through
and come back to here. [Mooji] Yes. It’s an instant thing. [M.] Because if it’s not instant
then you find there’s somebody doing it. It must instantly show you something! I say, Punch a hole through the ether
of your consciousness and you fall out,
you fall through it as total emptiness. At a certain point I don’t have to give
these examples, you just know instantly, but whatever your mind is jumping to, it’s nothing. You’re able to leave it.
Because it has a way of convincing you that leaving it is going to cost you dearly. But when you see and are the Self you are then those voices fade,
like incense smoke in the wind they fade. [Q.6] I feel like letting go and now when you say it again I feel it,
it’s like I’m letting go. [Mooji] But you know what is more important? You must have a clear sense
of who you are saying this. Because if you retain the sense of person-hood
you cannot let go. The nature of the person
is that it’s clingy and fearful, it has to hold onto something. So, when you say, ‘I’m letting it go’ all that you need to know is that if you are awareness,
you don’t have to let anything go. You don’t possess anything to let things go. So, the whole idea of letting something go you need to be associating with the consciousness and the sense of some kind of entity that let’s go and holds on to something. But this I have to keep …
I don’t get tired of saying this because it is always pregnant with God force. Because for so long,
we’re immersed into ignorance, so if I have your attention,
I’m not going to get tired of telling you this, that’s not to say
that you should take me for granted, but as along as there is in you, the urge, the drive, the motivation to be free, then my words, the words I speak with you
they will become spirit inside you. And as I said a day or so ago, When you really hear and accept my words
in your heart they will get rid of the words in your head. When you hear the words I’m speaking,
what they’re pointing to, inside your heart,
they will burn the words in your head. Because the mind is thinking many things,
‘But what if,’ but it’s doing it with your scholarship because you are somehow still believing that your mind is so valuable in this region. The mind is fine for practical life, it’s good to learn how to cook something,
you need mind for this. To appreciate the beauty of life,
the mind is there for that. But in the region of knowing who you are,
your Self, he is a beast, he is not going to help you! He can only give you some notions. You should not have to go to the mind
to find your identity. But nevertheless we will start there. [Questioner 6] So, can you help me see,
how do I get rid of the mind? [M.] You don’t need to get rid of the mind. You need to stop associating with mind. If you can see the mind
or anything else that you see you must know it is only momentary. It is only coming and going. When it comes, what tends to happen
is some things come and you like their colour so you start
to pay more attention to that. If you imagine you’re standing on a platform
of the train station and the trains come, they stop, doors open, people get on and off, doors close, they go.
And you are just observing. The train of thoughts come, stops, doors open, says, ‘Come on in.’ You’re still here.
Doors close. They go. And you feel fine, ‘I can do this all day’. But if a train comes and all your friends are there, they say, ‘Hey! Come!’
You go, ‘OK. OK.’ And you’re off. The train of your attention goes off, but what you are does not go off. If you know this,
then you can board any train you want. It will not trouble you. [Questioner 7] I hear what you’re saying and I also see that there’s a lot of fluidity
in thoughts and emotions. But somehow the idea, ‘I am this body’
seems to be far more constant. It doesn’t come and goes so much
it’s almost continuous, like it’s stitched together somehow.
I find it more difficult to see. [Mooji] Yes. Then you must go to look
at what observes that. What knows that?
What perceives that the body itself and the bodily association
seems much more consistent? Something more consistent
than the body must see that the body seems to be taking up
a lot of gigabytes of attention. Something is there. That is seen in your awareness,
which loses nothing to know that. It’s subtle. It doesn’t matter how much
you may think the body is so, ‘How can I be free of my body?’
No. I just say, But you are aware of it. You are aware of it. ‘You’ who are aware of it? You cannot be the same
as the thing you are aware of. There’s sufficient space always to perceive
or to be aware of something. At first it may seem experientially,
but there’s no gap, there’s no space, but what perceives that there’s no gap, even? You’re feeling that those words leave no space, but I say, No.
There’s an awareness that it leaves no gap, but there must be enough gap to be aware of it. And then you start your contemplation
in that little space and it will begin to expand, and you’ll see, ‘Ah! Wait a minute, even that is not true. Even that is not true! The sense that I cannot leave my body,
simply reminds me, I’m It.’ Is that true though? Because if you were living on an island and there’s nobody else there
you might forget you’re a man because you have no one to exercise
that relationship with that reminds you you’re a man. There was a time when I feel I’ve lost about three to five years of my life.
I’ve no account for it. I’ve looked over and say,
But what happened there? I was not working,
I was not going out with friends, not doing things, so basically time vanished and I have no recollection of what happened
in that time. I say that time, even my ageing during that time nothing happened about it
because I was not living in the realm whereby time was an important factor. If you are not used to relating with … it’s the relationship that reminds you
of the role you are playing. You may be surprised that if you could be wired up and tested
you’d probably realize that you remember yourself as a man or as your body far less than you think. Because your mind has to come back
at least to dip itself into emptiness in order to perpetuate talking even. Every now and again
you have to land in emptiness, something comes out again, lands in emptiness. It’s not a stream flying all the time. But we forget that
because no value is given to that. It’s not useful for anything in the world so we don’t give any value to it. At a certain point,
things will be the other way round. Presently we find that we are
in the state of person-hood most of the day and occasionally you drop into non person-hood. You drop into the Self
and ‘Whoa! It’s so amazing!’ But for a sage it is different. For a sage, their regular life is always the Self and occasionally they drop into person-hood, they remember, ‘Ah! OK. That’s fine.’
And it’s finished. It’s only a blip. And those two states are potentials within you. [Questioner 8] But is it really possible Guruji
to feel that vast all the time? [Mooji] Yes. That vastness …
Only when it’s not separate from you! If it is separate from you, you’ll be tired because you will still remain after the experience to be a measurer or perceiver of the vastness. You and the vastness are the same thing! I and the vastness are the same thing. I have a body. My bodily existence does not mean
I am not the Self. My body does not mean I am not formless. The fact that the body is here does not cancel out the fact that I am formless. It has a greater reality than, Oh! I am this form. ‘I am this form’ is not strong for me. And yet it is appreciated it is here, it also allows me to be with you in this way and we can speak and enjoy and I can enjoy ice cream
and whatever I want to do. [Questioner 8] I would like to expose that something wants to escape to sleep,
sometimes when doing self inquiry. [Mooji] Sleep is another excuse from the mind, it’s another mode it can go into in order to avoid hearing what you have to hear. Many times when we do some guided meditation within one minute, within half a minute,
I say, Just sit quietly. Close your eyes. Some people, ‘boom!’
You see them even, they’re like in some.
I say, What is that? Much more dynamic than when they’re sleeping,
They’re [demonstrates shaking body]. I say, What is that? It’s nothing. It’s just the mind is assuming something
just to switch off basically. ‘Don’t listen to him.
Don’t listen to him!’ [snoring] [Q.8] But it’s not unavoidable in that something
and I’m really clear and also had a good sleep and I want to inquire
and I cannot, it seems I cannot avoid. [Mooji] There are other reasons why it can happen. It can happen. Yes.
Usually if I see people like this I tell them, Come and sit on the stage
with me and sleep. [Questioner 9] I want to say something about this
going into sleep thing. I was once in my caravan and I wanted to watch a movie
like non-dual Satsang and sleep was coming I saw I couldn’t keep the attention, focus and then I said, ‘OK. Let’s try something else. let’s see if I’m really that tired’. And I put on a sex video [laughter] suddenly full interest! [laughter] [Mooji] Full power! [laughter] [Q.9] I changed back to the non-dual
[demonstrates falling asleep] [laughter] But for a while I changed back. [Q.9’s words cannot be heard above laughter] I say, ‘Look at you’. [Mooji] So are you saying that non-dual videos are a kind of contraceptive, basically? [laughter] [Q.9] After a while I stopped this. [Mooji] You stopped what? [laughter] [Q.9] I went outside the caravan and I was a bit disappointed
in this lack of interest in the non-dual. [Mooji] It is OK. [Q.9] And it just hit me that I watched
the whole thing when I went off I was actually on,
I didn’t go off. Just my interest and my dynamic consciousness
was dim but I was on that whole time.
I was not ‘on’. I am the on-ness itself. [Mooji] As you are now. As you are now? [Q.9] Yes. [Mooji] Because the on-ness never becomes off-ness. In a report of time,
maybe used as an illustration it is fine, but if it is deeply to be reminded
of a moment of no-mind, then that’s why I ask you, Is it like this also now? Your question when you say,
‘Is it possible to really be in contact or one with the vastness all the time?’ Not by effort, not by exercise. You simply come into that realization,
that recognition that that is the ultimate Truth!
You are That. It’s not a belief. [Q.6] I feel it’s difficult to still believe
that I am That. I still have a part, I still have this person also and with meditation I can see it and I can go there and then I come back and then always I feel this
‘Uh! Again I missed it.’ And I long so much to do it like this that I realize I carried a lot of pride about and I feel always superior with other people
because I can do that and then maybe it’s a little skill
I have over all the people and now with your presence I realize
that it’s not a joke it’s actually something which is present in me, I can have all the time. It’s not even that I can have all the time, but I have to learn that I am That. It’s not just a retreat that I am doing when I sit,
but it’s who I am. And it’s so profound
and I don’t know what to say more. [Mooji] Yes. Because from there whatever arises as life
is met completely spontaneously. You’re not afraid to move in life because you don’t have to prepare anything at all any more than life has to prepare for something. Out of it’s own power it meets; it’s fresh. It is fresh, it comes completely spontaneously, intuitively, automatically, to the extent that if you ever start to try and prepare for something
you start to feel clumsy because that preparedness
is coming from your person. The person is afraid they may not get it right, the Self has no such concerns at all. It meets everything in this openness. [Q.6] I want to thank you
for what you said about the trains because it really touched me and it’s so clear to me in a sense
that the doubt came off, it’s not a doing, it’s a non-doing. I don’t have to do anything to not get on the train even though my friends are there waving. [Mooji] The pull creates it’s own activity,
the pull to ‘Uuh’! because of some association, it wakes up, it brings an arousal inside to ‘Haah!’ Because the mind has certain things
that it is trained to get excited about. So the minute it sees the friends, ‘Aah!’ All the things… they represent fun, they represent love,
they represent acceptance, they represent being in the right place. And it starts to produce
all these juices immediately and so that creates the resistance, to try and stop that may feel weaker. You might just say, ‘No! I go with that’. But as you stay and you keep observing
you’ll see all these things. It’s not that the friends have that power. It’s that your mind has created that association and it is your mind that has created
the attraction for that. How’s your mind do it? [chuckles] [Questioner 10] Guruji. I wanted to say that
in my experience, my person became so extremely clumsy
over the last few days I felt so ridiculous in every word I said,
every movement I made. I felt, ‘Oh my God. Where can I go!’ And then this morning I felt like, ‘I have to keep quiet in every way now
because it’s too much clumsiness,’ and then I felt like between thoughts. [Mooji] Yeah. This is what I told you, because we met and I asked her,
How you doing? She says to me,
‘I’ve been here for 2 months now.’ I didn’t know it’s 2 months.
‘I’ve been here for 2 months now and I don’t think I’m growing.
Nothing is changing for me.’ We met down in the triangle.
She said, ‘Nothing’s changing for me.’ I said, Wow! Really? 2 months?
She says, ‘Only on my day off when I’m sitting in a swinging chair,
I can be the Self. But if I do anything at all, I’m gone. I am not able to do something
and stay as my Self.’ So, therefore the Self was definitely a doing, ‘I’ve got to be the Self. Don’t talk. Don’t talk!
I want to be the Self.’ Somebody throws you a carrot
and ‘Uh!’ Somehow, I’ve lost my Self again’. So I said, No. Something is going to change.
We had a talk and since then what has happened is now that your person, it’s not functioning properly because for a while you were OK in your person, your person was feeling like that,
your person was feeling unsuccessful in this, ‘I don’t know if it’s growing’. And now, basically, a light is shone on it
and has become clumsy. You should be happy about this, I say. It’s just clumsy. You say, ‘Oh my God!
It’s so clumsy!’ And some people start to realize, ‘Everything I say is a lie! And stupid. Everything I do is stupid! Everything! I say, OK. Just relax.
Don’t get personal about it. Don’t identify so much.
But you’re seeing something and that seeing is going to create
something very powerful in you because you’re not going to be able
to stand your person any more. And when you’re not able to stand your person then a countdown has begun for it, something had to change. When you can tolerate your person then somehow it’s there and you identify with it. But now somehow you start to see him
because you’re awakening. Behind the facade of the person, in the Self zone an awakening is taking place now. And now the juice, the energy that was required
to keep the person going, is not going there, it’s staying in the Self,
it’s being conserved in the Self. So the person has become floppy
and you are aware of him. This is so good! [laughter] [Questioner 11] Guruji. On one hand,
there’s a lot of burning and it’s a very beautiful time
because things are coming. And there is also transcending a lot and it’s expanding, it’s beautiful. But there are just moments
that I feel asleep in the person, give attention to it and just …
That’s what’s happening. And I see, as you say, holding back and feed the person
and all this stuff starts. [Mooji] One thing I would say, in closing, that the reason why these things continue is because we still want to play a role
in our liberation. We still want to say, ‘Yes, because I see that when I do this and this will happen,
so I’ve chosen to do that. And so when I stay with this
I see that something goes on fire, but I see that that’s happening now.’ It’s still the story of you! And that keeps the drama going
and still there’s something keep going on. Because there is someone there
who plays a role in doing or not doing and changing something
and responding in the right way so that this or so that that can happen. [Q.11] Can’t I just drop it?
I’m just so fed up of this! [Mooji] In a way you have to become fed up
of the one who is fed up. Which needs a little contemplation. Because we stop there! The one who’s fed up, ‘I’m really tired of the ego!
I really am tired of the ego!’ So, this one who is tired of the ego is exhibiting signs of some kind of drama and you have to remember the Self is not dramatic. When it says, ‘I’m tired of the ego.
I’m going to kill him!’ And then he sees somebody around,
‘Have you seen my ego?’ And nobody looks at that one and goes,
‘I’m a bit concerned about you!’ Because you’re the one with the ego gun. And this is the same story that Ramana told of turning the thief into a policeman. Dressing the thief up as a policeman and then sending this thief,
dressed up as a policeman, to catch the thief, who is really himself. Is he ever going to do it? He’ll go out [makes gunshot noise] and everybody thinks,
‘Oh! He’s doing a really good job.’ And all he is doing is protecting himself,
he will never catch himself. So. now we have given him another role to be really angry with the ego, ‘I’m really angry with the ego!
I’ve really had enough of it. Mooji, can you help me to shoot him?’
Yeah. Where is he? ‘I’ve just had enough of him! There he goes, there! Ah, missed him again.’ But the one who is suffering the ego,
who is this one? They go together. But then we say this,
we’re back to where we started, when we say that this one also is a problem and this is the one that
mostly consciousness is hanging out in the costume of this person. And then we feel, ‘Ooh! You mean me? I am the problem. Uh oh! [laughter] But if I get rid of ‘me’ what’s going to be left?’ So I say, Listen. Don’t get rid of you but just be aware of that state
that you’re speaking from and be in the state,
in the place which allows you to perceive that. Anything like ‘killing the ego’,
‘getting rid of your Self’ it frightens you because, you are the Self, but still mixed with some amount of identity in order to have the experience
of transcending something. Ultimately it is your own idea of yourself
that will drop away. Is this thing recording OK?
[Friend] Yes. Because I want you guys
to listen to these things over, listen to them. We can put it on any time you want, listen over and over again to that,
until it really brings you back to your sense,
‘But I’ve never moved from here’. [Q.11] But it’s not that I’m afraid to lose ego. Being with you it’s our experience, not once, it’s the most beautiful state
we could be without ego. [Mooji] But be careful because sometimes when you’re into a very beautiful state you think, ‘Wow! I’m really happy that
that person is not there.’ A little bit of him is still there,
in this new place. It’s not the ultimate.
It’s a more refined state maybe it’s a sattvic state of consciousness, but it is not the total awareness Self. The awareness Self is not so concerned. Occasionally some remnants of the old self
may come to the surface, but it cannot really proliferate. It cannot really grow
and develop into a community. It’s struggling and with a little look even in the state of full knowledge
when you know you’re not it, it doesn’t mean that your realization
is so totally complete yet. You have crossed over but you still go for day visits sometimes,
a little bit. And gradually by seeing these tendencies
it’s easier, for you it’s the easiest to finish off
those tendencies now, because you have crossed over and most of your weight is in the circle. Like I say, sometimes the snake has left the room but don’t start celebrating
because its head is in the garden but the tail is still in the room. He has to leave the room completely.
That’s what is meant. And don’t see these things,
‘Ooh! I have a nicer picture than that.’ It is good, the picture is good. [Q.11] So basically,
I need to inquire into this one? [Mooji] Actually what I’m doing with you now
is a living inquiry. If you listen, when we speak,
you can see immediately where you have been locating your essential power you’ve located in the state of some
entity or person-hood. And as you see that something just says, ‘OK’. You’re seeing that from the state of awareness,
which is not an entity, and immediately you’ve cleaned, self-cleaned! And it may come back again,
but each time you do this it is tremendously weakened
and at a certain point it just … It’s like if the weeds keep coming
and you keep pulling them up they keep coming, we keep pulling them up.
But at some point you exhaust their energy so much
they don’t come any more. And Satsang is this, the whole environment
of Satsang is a weeding, you have to be able to prune yourself. Sometimes the mind is sprouting, cut him! Keep your secateurs with you. Cut him off. I’m not saying
turn yourself into a Bonzai, I don’t want to make you all Bonzais. But you have to be reasonably strict and understand because you’re not guided by your mind,
it’s an intuitive thing. Then gradually the need to do this thins away. It’s not you saying, ‘OK I’m going to stop it.’ No. Somehow it’s featuring less and less, at some point maybe
the inquiry features less and less. But as long as the body is here, the vital force is here, consciousness is here, the potential for thought activity
will manifest from time to time. I don’t mean thought activity
in its pragmatic functioning like you have to do shopping, tidy your house,
this is thought activity, but they don’t leave any footprints
in consciousness, they don’t register any lasting impression
in consciousness. I’m talking about psychological impressions which the mind will use to develop a person
out of it. That must be chopped. And this is what I mean by
your looking and confirming amounts to your being cured of the disease or the delusion of false identity. Because that’s the only agent that’s creating these negative responses in you and creating all this selfishness,
arrogance, aggressiveness and so on. Good. We’re good? OK. Thank you. [Sangha] Thank you Guruji. [Q.9] Guruji, can I say something more? [M.] Just one thing before you say this.
Just to recap. In the dynamic life sometimes the people who are students
of non-dual pointing tend to be very dismissive of the dynamic life, the life of relativity and so on. You don’t need to be dismissive of that because there cannot be experience without duality. It’s not a mistake,
it’s very much a part of the totality, part of its functioning, of its manifestation. Don’t make the mistake of going, ‘It’s nothing.’ You only know that it is momentary,
that it is impermanent. It is divine impermanence and enjoy it because it is also a very powerful field. It’s true and it is invigorated
and sustained by consciousness that wants to display this. It wants the flowers to rise up
and to live for a few days and to die and to rejuvenate,
all of these things in their own time to keep this dynamic expression
of consciousness, to learn something also. Because it will also bring wisdom into the mind to make it ready for non-dual understanding. So, you can enjoy and work also
to clean that space but don’t give too much dedication to that! Most important is to keep on
affirming your true place as a witness of both the dual and the non-dual,
that that is there. Because that is a fact that is always present a capacity that’s always with you.
It is your unchanging. And it is foolish to spend time
in the region of the ever changeful and not know the unchanging. It is our greatness, our power is in recognizing and being one with the unchanging. Then you may move in the field
of the changing with greater beauty because you don’t want to manipulate what by nature is in perfect harmony. The changeful is also in harmony, it is also following its own laws and an aspect of our manifestation
in the body is also dual. This body is a time body, the mind is a time mind, but your inmost Being is timeless. We must know that beyond just mere superficial or intellectual study
or conviction. It just becomes clear. You may understand some things in a flash but it may take time for it to really,
really get assimilated into the consciousness where it is so totally one, where the knowing and the Being are one.
That may take time to do. [silence] The more the understanding
is established in the non-dual the more sweet the fruits of duality will be, but you’ll not be attached to them
in the same way. [Friend] Guruji, thank you so much! [Friends] Thank you.
[Mooji] Very good. Very good. [Mooji] I am very happy if these things
get absorbed on some level because what is beautiful here is
whatever is understood here, as I say, This is a tree that bears immediate fruit and its fruit keeps getting sweeter
and sweeter every day. And I’m here. What I love is that
therefore I am still with you as you are discovering these things so that you cannot say,
‘Well, he taught us these things, but didn’t hang around long enough to see
if they will become fruit and will be what he says.’ So, you can see that as you follow, change is happening immediately and the fruit is this Satchitananda. The fruit is the fragrance of peace and joy and the emerging love, the silence in yourself, that is the fruit, that is the fragrance of the Self. I don’t say, You understand this now, next week the smell and the taste will come. No. Immediately you’ll feel. Immediately you see it because you feel
that as soon as you remove the offence you feel the sense of expansiveness internally you feel a lightness of Being. Your mind is not a claustrophobic room any more and you know that you’re in the most natural realm,
natural space! It’s not built up on belief systems and things that keep changing in front of you. So then whatever is changeful you can relax,
it’s OK. Because I’m not commanding
the changeful to be unchanging. Let the changeful change. I am the unchanging. I don’t need something else to be unchanging. The changing emerges from the unchanging. And the unchanging is immanent in the changing, but is never contaminated by it. Therefore you don’t have to go bed
with a heavy head clogged with so much thinking. And even if there was thinking, even,
suppose there was a movement, where there’s a lot of thoughts in your mind do you know you can still be totally at peace? If you don’t get involved in them,
it’s just the activity, something is behaving like that. [Questioner 12]
Mooji, some months ago you said that; I don’t remember my question in that time, but I try to not to pay attention, but I don’t pay attention from the person. And now I don’t know if I …
I like this word when you say, ‘If I marinate in my person-hood.’ [Mooji] Not in person-hood.
Not in person-hood! [Q.12] I don’t know where I am. [Mooji] You know you are, though.
You cannot deny. You know that you are.
You know you exist. Isn’t it? So, that’s the most important.
Where is secondary. You know that you exist and from that existence
you can perceive every other thing. And you are aware of your sense of person-hood, of your identity as a person and how restrictive it may seem sometimes.
You are aware of that. Sometimes you will have to recreate the context
in which an advice is given to see that it is not just a question and answer. Sometimes I’m not just answering a question, I’m answering the state of the questioner. So, it’s not necessarily that,
‘Oh, that is the answer to that question.’ Sometimes it is just what is perceived in you and I say, Follow this bit, for a bit. Then if you don’t understand at that moment, you say, ‘I’m sorry but I don’t get it.’ And I don’t mind repeating,
I can’t always repeat, but I try. We are good? Omkara’s got your hand up? [Omkara] I’d just like to offer up
whatever’s in my pocket still that’s conscious or unconscious. [Mooji] She says she wants to offer up
what is in her pocket consciously or unconsciously,
whatever is in the pocket being kept. Because sometimes we absorb impressions that we are not conscious of them. So, I like that she says,
‘Both what is conscious and unconscious.’ [Friend] And also the pocket. [Mooji] Also the pocket. [laughter] [Q.6] It’s all yours Guruji. [Friends] Thank you very much. Love you. [Friend] Guruji, and the offerer as well. [Mooji] Offer up the offerer also.
I say Yes. Ramana say,
‘You must surrender the surrenderer also.’ [Q.9] Just I say this, the only thing that steals me, some energy is this knower and the one who got it and the one who has a certain pride there and wants to rise up in something. [Mooji] You say, the only thing that remains that perhaps could be a cause for concern
is the sense of the knower and the sense of the one who’s go it. And that gives rise to a little sense of pride
sometimes. Obviously it’s the pride
that is giving some trouble. So what is the best cure for it? Drop the whole idea of the one who’s got it. Don’t get it. Because if you think you have got it you remain as somebody who has got it and that’s what’s causing the trouble. These subtle things they have a way
of subtly creeping in and next thing you know you may
have the feeling, ‘Yeah. I think I got it. I really know this.
I really understand.’ You don’t see the claim necessitates
being an entity who has got something and that is what’s creating the pride, the arrogance and the doubt also. So, give up this idea of getting it. Because you are aware of the sense of getting it, of being somebody who’s got it otherwise there would not be pride. [Q.9] When I trying to convince especially you because you’re my first communion, I see that you already know so whatever is trying to convince you of something is already confirming a certain doubt inside. And I see when something creeps up like some doubts or judgement and sometimes it’s, ‘Yeah! Full power,
I dive for Truth right now’, which I could say even now. But then if something creeps up,
a certain judgement then I see this is also inconsistent. So, it’s only that which knows
that is unchanging. And it’s my Self; it’s not something else. [Mooji] It knows everything is unchanging but it only tends to know it as an experience when it has to convey that as a thought. By itself it doesn’t know anything, it’s not concerned with knowing anything. It doesn’t go, ‘Yes. But I know nothing exists.’
It doesn’t even say that, any more than space is saying something, space is never saying, ‘Look. I’m so spacious’. It never feels, ‘Oh! I’m so spacious’. [laughter] If it feels that way then the space has suddenly
become an ego, ‘I’m more spacious than the wind.’ The very fact that it can be perceived that there is a sense that,
‘Whenever I try to convince,’ already you can catch it earlier
than the second step, than the third step, you can catch him
before even the first step. You can see that something is moving in this way. Just leave it and just remain quiet and let it quietly just dissolve away.
And hold no notion of … Because it’s still a kind of measurement, you want to measure that, ‘Look, I got it. I got it on June the fourteenth.’
You see, like this? These are so subtle and because we are so accustomed to language
and to concepts then these these things continue to feel like they can be authentic measuring points
for assessing the consciousness. But you just throw the whole thing into the fire. Don’t be anything. Don’t even be nothing! Don’t be something and don’t be nothing. [Q.11] Guruji, thank you very much. I really feel that any time we sit with you
you’re really guiding us to … I don’t know … there’s no description.
Thank you so much. [Questioner 13] Even when you’re not sitting with us
you’re guiding us. [Mooji] This is true. She said, ‘Even when you’re not sitting with us,
you’re guiding us.’ [Friends] Yes. [Q.13] I feel like I’m plugged in to you
and you’re doing everything. [Mooji] When your plug is plugged into the mains, even if the radio is turned off, it’s OK. Because the minute you turn it on
you don’t have to plug it in, it’s already plugged in.
And in the same way, all I would say, don’t get comfortable with knowing, it has to be completed, knowing and being. At times we can come to know, you think you know, like some people read a lot and it feels like the fact that they read it
means they know it, but then it does come to prove to test you then you realize that actually,
‘Yes, I have a certain understanding of it, but in the application it is denied because my person doesn’t like this
and doesn’t like that. It’s exhibiting a lot more bias than my intellect. The person in functioning is exhibiting
much more bias, much more preferences and idiosyncrasies than when I’m simply just understanding
from an intellectual place.’ So, just keep on having the attitude of being total and you find it becomes easy and joyful to keep giving up yourself because the more you give up yourself the more you become your Self, in some funny way. OK. Thank you everybody. [Sangha] Thank you. Copyright © 2016 Mooji Media Ltd.
All Rights Reserved. No part of this recording may be reproduced without Mooji Media Ltd.’s express consent.

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