72 Hours: True Crime | S2E9 | Faith Healer

(dramatic music)NARRATOR:
The bible says,
charity shall cover
a multitude of sins.
But a killer will settle
for a dark night.
A remote location,and a promise
of a long cold winter.
(dramatic music)In December of 1996,a trucker pulls into a rest stp
in Northern Ontario.
First, he discovers
it’s closed for the season.
Then he discovers something
he was never meant to find.
(dramatic music)In true crime,
investigation and conviction
may take years.But every detective knowsthat the crucial clue
is always there,
somewhere in the first 72 Hour.(dramatic intro music)A body has just been found,
north of Bracebridge, Ontario.
Local Detectives Dan Mulligan
and Kelly Grub
are assigned to the case.KELLY: The area
where it was placed, I know that area very well, at night it looks like you’re
in the middle of nowhere. DAN: We found a lady
of East Indian descent. There weren’t any
identifying features whatsoever left on the body. There wasn’t any jewellery, there wasn’t any rings
on her fingers, there wasn’t any wallet
or purse, or anything identifiable
of any nature whatsoever.For the detectives
everything points to murder.
KELLY: So the next stage
was to send out a broadcast to police agencies
throughout Ontario and Canada to identify who the victim is.Mulligan and Grub are the first
detectives on the scene.
They’ll follow the case
where ever it leads.
Tonight, that means
taking the body
several hundred kilometres
south to Toronto for an autops.
Thanks to the cold weather,the body
has been well preserved.
Pathologist Martin Queenis able to identify
a number of injuries.
MARTIN: There were several
blunt force injuries, however, there were no
classic defensive wounds. This suggests that the victim
was involved in a struggle, but was not able to respond
and defend herself.On the victim’s neck
there are abrasions.
In her eyes, there is blood.The cause of her death
is found to be asphyxia,
due to manual strangulation.MARTIN: Brownish stains
were identified on both hands. The exact nature of these
were not clear to me. However, they were swabbed
for ultimate DNA examination. On the breast area,
there were numerous, very unusual skin lesions, which at the time of the autopsy
I could not clearly identify.The detectives have
the cause of death
and some intriguing clues.But they don’t know
the victim’s identity.
A missing persons officer
calls Grub later that day.
And tells him to turn on
the local news.
A Toronto man
seeks the publics help
in finding Nandita Advani,
his common law wife.
He gives a detailed
description of her,
that includes the jewellery
she was wearing.
He says, Nandita
went shopping six days ago,
and never came home.Mulligan and Grub travel to
Nandita’s home in Little India.
Their next step
is a painful one.
Breaking the news
of her murder
to her common-law husband,
Shashi Sharma.
Shashi Sharma’s
twenty five year old son Junio,
answers the door.He asks the detectives
to wait for his father
to complete his devotions.Junior says, Sharma Senior,
is a Hindu priest,
and a doctor of herbal medicin,
a Pandit.
DAN: A number of people
in various cultures had considerable faith in the healing powers
of a Pandit. And, people would come to him and pay him
significant sums of money to perform this,
what they called a puja. And that was this
spiritual healing ceremony. In different ways
both men are distraught to learn of Nandita’s death. DAN: The father had a certain
aloofness about him. A very strong confidence. Junior on the other hand
was extremely surprised when we informed him, that we had just found
the victim.Do they know of anyone who
might want to hurt Nandita?
Both men say no,
at least not any more.
Senior tells the detectives tht
before Nandita lived with him,
she was married
to an abusive husband.
DAN: He essentially pointed
the finger in the direction of the victim’s former husband. Whom she had been separated from for approximately,
a two year period. He indicated that there had been
domestic problems.Sharma Senior,
used the power and respect
he commanded as a Panditto help Nandita
leave the relationship.
He took her into his home.Over time love blossomed.For the past two yearsthey’ve lived together
as man and wife.
The detectives have one more
request of the Sharmas.
KELLY: Naturally, the current
common-law partner of somebody who has died
of suspicious nature, is an immediate
person of interest.They ask father and son
to provide DNA samples.
They both on their consent, provided us with saliva samples,
and they readily did so. It was most definitely,
a learning experience for us. We don’t have a lot of
East Indian culture in Muskoka, so we had to adjust to
dealing with a new culture on a one on one basis.Police interview
Nandita’s ex-husband.
DAN: The ex-husband
was extremely concerned about the fact that we had found
his former wife murdered. He was obviously
saddened by that fact. And that appeared to us to be
then very genuine at the time. We confirmed his whereabouts
during that given time period. And we were quite
content with the alibi that he’d provided us with.Sixteen hours
into the investigation,
the police have no suspects.DAN: We fan out, we interview
as many people as possible, in a short a time as possible. And we learn
as much as possible. KELLY: We start conducting
interviews with people, trying to determine things, like the last time
the victim was seen. DAN: The difficulties primarily
involved communicating with a culture
that traditionally, are not that forthright
with police, to begin with. By the same token,
they rallied behind the victim. We found out that the victim
was a very well thought of lady. She was friendly,
she was regarded as, everyone called her Auntie.Police learn Nandita,
hadn’t been herself lately.
People around her,
put it down to the pain killers
she’d been on,
since her recent car accident.
Asked, if anyone
wanted to hurt her,
no one speaks up.Apparently, people
feel uncomfortable
talking about a revered
Pandit’s family tragedy.
Except for one young man.He says, he used to be
Sharma Junior’s friend.
But that was before Juniordecided to show him
his latest toy.
A stun gun.DAN: And he reached out
and he nipped him with fifty thousand volts
very quickly. He got the shock of his life. It leaves like a tiny cigarette
burn type of mark on an individuals skin
when it’s applied.Mulligan remembers the marks
on Nandita’s body.
Did Shashi Sharma Junior,
kill his stepmother
?If so, why?In Toronto’s Little India,two detectives from
Northern Ontario
finally have a leadin the Nandita Advani
murder case.
Nandita’s stepson
is known to posses stun guns.
The kind of weapon
police believe
the killer used in his attack.DAN:
So, it was critical for us, at that point in time
to locate these stun guns.The detectives arrive
at Shashi Sharma Senior’s house
with a search warrant.The faith healer, let’s them i.He says, Junior is away in Fij.The detectives ask Senior,
to wait outside
while they conduct their searc.DAN: During the course
of our search warrant, we seized a large variety
of apparent medicines throughout the house.Mulligan sends the drugs
to the lab for analysis.
DAN: Junior’s bedroom
is locked up solid. But we have the keys to that
from Sharma Senior. KELLY:
It was a normal bedroom. It was very dishevelled,
mind you. And Ravi had a stereo system,
in there, a computer system as well. DAN: Junior, is a local
computer technologist. So he’s quite, quite adept
in electronics.The detectives note something
curious about Junior’s set up.
DAN: He had the capability
of flipping a toggle switch and being capable of listening
to the phone conversation from a phone downstairs.Whenever Mulligan searches
a young man’s room up north,
he finds it pays to check
the stereo speakers.
It pays, in Little India, too.DAN: Two stun guns were wrapped
up inside this plastic bag.The detectives withhold news
of their discovery
from Sharma Senior.They don’t want word
getting back to Junior in Fiji.
The stun guns are sentto an electronics specialist
for analysis.
One gun fails to function,but the other produces
fifty thousand volts
from one nine volt battery.STEVEN: The muscle,
of the local muscle contractions can be extremely powerful
and extremely painful. So, when the stun gun
is being used for a more than a few seconds
on a person, it’s really accounting
for a torture.Investigators compare
the electrodes to the marks
on the victim’s body.MARTIN: The distance
between these paired lesions corresponded extremely
well with the dimensions of the stun gun in question.The findings don’t provethis stun gun
was involved in the crime.
But dried blood found
on the guns handle might.
The blood is sent
for DNA analysis.
Within a week,
Junior returns from Fiji.
The detectives put him
under surveillance.
Junior spends a lot of time
helping his father
. DAN: Basically Sharma Senior,
and Sharma Junior, initially impress us as being
almost connected at the hip.The more police see of Senior,
the less holy he looks.
DAN: People would come to him
when they couldn’t sell their home. They would think that the home
was full of evil spirits. So, he’d wave some
garlic buds around and chant, and walk away
with a pocket full of cash and a smile on his face. And people honestly believed
that he had these powers.Police believe Senior
is a con artist.
Did he lie to them about
his role in Nandita’s murder?
After a week of surveillance,the detectives have noticed
something else.
Sharma Senior,
controls Juniors every move.
DAN: The father
was extremely arrogant, and domineering over Junior.It seems highly unlikely,
that Junior acted alone.
Back at the station house
Mulligan reviews
the news video tape
made after Nandita went missin.
He had described to a tee the clothing
that she was wearing at the time that she had left the residence
on the 27th of November. Now I don’t know about yourself, but I couldn’t tell you what
my wife wore to work today. And yet, he had obviously
made note of precisely
what she was wearing.Senior makes a point of praisig
Nandita’s good character.
Mulligan wants to see
that clip again.
DAN: During, the course
of those interviews he had actually spoken
of the victim in the past tense. After having just
reported her missing.Mulligan has begun to suspectboth Senior and Junior
are involved in the murder.
He gets a call
from Dr. Martin Queen.
MARTIN: Toxicologic analysis
showed elevated level of blood pentazasene which
is a sedating narcotic drug.Pentazasene is the pain relievrNandita was on
after her car accident.
But the high level makes police
think she may have been drugge.
Could Sharma Senior,have given her the drug
without her knowledge?
DAN: The victim would have
been rendered unable to move her body in a normal manner,
almost like a drunkenness.But why would the Sharmas
want to control her?
A phone record check turns
up someone, who may know.
The night before
Nandita disappeared
there was a long call
from her home
to a woman named Tara Mulla.The detectives realize they’ve
already interviewed Tara.
Tara admits she knew Nandita
better than she first let on.
DAN: She actually,
became a friend of the victims as a result of her visiting
the Pandit, Sharma Senior, in a professional sense. She had some demons
she wanted exorcised, and she trusted in his talents.Tara doesn’t want to talk about
the phone call.
She’s afraid of retribution
from Sharma Senior.
DAN: People were
of the firm belief that he had very significant
and mystical powers over them. He indicated to people that
he had the power to kill them. And many people
were very, very fearful.Sharma Senior,
has let it be known
he’s a master
of the dark forces of Voodoo.
Police have found
their investigation
into Nandita Advani’s
murder obstructed.
Several potential witnesses
have been silenced
by their fear of Voodoo.It’s a new one,
on Detective Dan Mulligan.
This was one of the beliefs that these witnesses
were coming out with. These were statements that were
coming to us on a daily basis. That were beyond belief. But these people
honestly believe this individual
had these powers.Mulligan does what he always
does in these situations.
He asks Tara Mulla, to do
what’s right by her friend.
Eventually, Tara opens up.DAN: The victim confided
in this lady on a regular basis, and indicated her fear. She wanted to leave, she was desperate
to leave this relationship. Although she indicated that,
if I leave, he will kill me.The night before
she disappeared,
Nandita told Tara
she thought Sharma Senior,
had drugged her.He’d been trying to control he,ever since she walked in on himwhen he was sexually abusing
a young girl.
DAN: She was a witness
to the sexual assault. She was going to give evidence
against Sharma Senior, in her bid
to escape this relationship. And convict him.Mulligan finally understandsSharma’s motivation
for the murder.
Now the police have uncovered
motive and opportunity.
They await forensic analysis
of the physical evidence.
DAN: Examination of
the blood on the stun guns, confirms that it matches
the DNA profile of both the victim
and Sharma Senior.Sharma Senior’s DNA sample
had been collected
in the first 72 hours
of the investigation.
The brown spots
on the victim’s hands,
also turn out to be
Senior’s blood.
Police now believe they know
what happened to Nandita Advan.
Despite being drugged,
Nandita had the strength
to call Tara Mulla
and confide in her.
DAN: And then Juniors listening
to this conversation. She’s indicated that she may
be providing evidence, in the sexual assault. That’s when, it hits the fan. (dramatic music) Junior, comes running downstairs
and the scrap is on, with Senior jumping in. (shouting and arguing) There’s no question, that she
put up a fight that day. And to the point where Junior had to run back upstairs, get the stun gun
to incapacitate her. (fighting and screaming) (dramatic music) (dramatic music)Later that night,
they put Nandita’s body
in the trunk of Junior’s car.And drove north of Toronto,
to cottage country.
(car engine starting) (dramatic music) DAN:
Removing all her jewellery and not having any
identification on her person was their means
to thwart our efforts to identify the body. Not, having been to that
neck of the woods very often, no doubt they were confident that, that body
probably would not be located until the following spring when that picnic area
was opened up again.Seven months after
Nandita’s body was discovered,
the detectives make the arrest.DAN:
In certain respects, I think he even had
himself fooled. At the time of arrest,
he was in fact carrying what he referred to as his
charms to ward off evil spirits. We suggested to him at the time, that maybe his charm
wasn’t working today.Shashi Sharma Junior,
plead guilty to manslaughter.
His father Sharma Senior,
to second degree murder.
A carefully considered
murder planned,
a plea to the public.Voodoo threats.In the end,
nothing could cover
Shashi Sharma’s
multitude of sins.
He died in prison
of a heart attack in 2003.
The stories
on 72 Hours are true.
The detectives
and forensic scientists
are the ones
who actually worked on the cas.


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