5 Surprising Facts About Sharia Law

Over the past two decades a lot of information whether accurate or not has spread all around the world about Islam Muslims and Sharia law now one question continues to pop up What exactly is Sharia law I’ll be talking about that and sharing five of the most surprising myths about Sharia law that people actually have hey guys welcome, I’m Leroy Kenton And this is FTD facts where we like to explore the different countries and cultures religions Sciences and facts in general about our world and Before I get into this episode a question that I have for you is what law or laws Do you dislike the most let me know down there? So what does Sharia even mean? well the actual Arabic definition of the term means path to a watering hole and The Sharia law is a set of guiding morals and principles Meant to guide Muslims towards a life that will nourish their souls So with that said I want to get into our first myth and that’s myth number one ISIL wants to erase the borders between Iraq and Syria to establish a decentralized government Which enforces Sharia law now? This is what the standard definition is about what the primary goal for ISIL Is they want to combine two countries and enforce Sharia law across them both? But their understanding of Sharia law is not necessarily true to what the law actually stands for ISIL is more concerned with establishing their own interpretation of Sharia law which regulates criminal acts and Social Welfare So this is why we need to distinguish between fik or the legal system and Sharia Thick law aims to decide how to apply shriya’s morals and guidelines to day to day life Which can cause some gray areas and it becomes easy for people or even? organizations to take advantage of this gray area Sharia is considered immutable and infallible But thick is changeable now myth number two about Sharia law is Sharia is Islamic law Sharia law is not a legal system first of all and most Muslims who follow Sharia law don’t view it as a replacement for civil law Sharia is a Quran based guidance that guides Muslims towards living a more Islamic life, it doesn’t come from the state at all Sharia is Philosophical and it’s human interpretation is called Vick Which I mentioned just now and this has been created by scholars based on the Quran and hadith Next myth number three in Muslim countries Sharia law is a law of the land, so it’s true that Sri Allah has influenced legal systems and most Muslim majority countries right and pre-modern Muslim regions had a system where Sharia law would be separated from the government, which is also known as eásá, but what’s happening now is that Muslim political movements such as jamaat-e-islami in Pakistan or the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Have attempted to actually codify Sharia law even though there’s supposed to be a separation between Fik and C. ASSA and myth number four Sharia law is Anti-female now critics of Islamic law have said Sharia is inherently not kind towards women especially because of its marriage laws and Often people see a Muslim woman’s head cover as a kind of oppression now. Let’s true that there are many Patriarchal rules in the thick these rules are actually human Interpretations not Sharia and the final myth that I want to share myth number five is Islam demands brutal Punishments too many Islam is viewed as a faith that savagely punishes lawbreakers the Quran however prohibits unwanted violence it prohibits attacks on civilians property houses of worship and even animals now imagine what would happen if all of us use the KKK to represent what all Christians were Yeah, that would just be weird right so like extremist groups aren’t the most accurate place to look to Understand what Sharia is and says about punishment and treatment of people and this also goes for any other Subject in question so guys that ends this episode I really hope that this cleared up some misconceptions about what Sharia law actually is I know it really really really did for me And I’m curious to know what other thoughts and comments you have down below Are there any other myths that you commonly hear about Sharia law or just other subjects in general that you always hear and you’re like What the heck that’s not even true. Let me know down there as well and before I go this episode is brought to you by Graham early. Calm Graham Early of course is a world leading software in improving your written English the link is down below where you can install Graham relief for free it takes like two minutes max And it’s filled with spelling and grammatical errors that you make constantly all the time So if you’re interested in really mastering your English even if you’re a native English speaker Graham early really helps again the link to that is down below where you can install it for free Hey guys and before we go here’s a playlist that we recommend on learning more about the different cultures places and Religions of our world if you’re new to FTD facts be sure to subscribe and we’ll see you real soon in another video You


  1. Ftd facts i like this channel very much but plzzz stop doing vedios about islam. I am a muslim and i get hurt when people say use wrong words about islam. Plzzzz stop this

  2. I will answer but only one thing : So says you
    What is the punishment for sorcery again? Nothing brutal right? For a crime that isn't even one, demonstrably.

  3. I would love to see a part two with more information. There are a lot of misinterpretations of Islam the Koran and what shria law really is. And in times like these I think that everyone could benefit from more videos with even more research. I love that you guys bring up things that need to be talked about and pit in the time and effort to pit out the facts of not just this subject but many subjects. And one of the biggest things that creates bigotry, and hate is lack of knowledge and understanding. I honestly would love to know more about sharia law, I've heard from many people of the culture that it is just like every rules you fallow in a religion there are some good some bad but it isn't something evil. Yes there are quite a bit a patriarchal aspects, but almost all the mainstream religions are. I've always found this interesting probably because being from America people like to treat the whole of Islam as just something you don't talk about and 9/11 will always find it's way in to things (not disrespecting the people who lost their lives ones their lives or are dealing with health issues after the fact) just when it because the only reason some can come up with it's sad… I want to understand even if it's a little what someone different from my life does things. Bringing more understanding or at least having true interest opens many more doors.

  4. Isis is following anti sharia laws.they are anti Muslims. So my non Muslim brothers don't get confuse if they are Muslim or not.absolutely they are non Muslim. Thanks

  5. What a lying sack of shit!!! Promotes, encourages and condones slavery on non-muslims, women only worth one half of a man, no human rights, promotes female genital mutilation or cutting off her clit, forced marriages, forced dressings, incest marriages…on and on and on!! And yes I have read the Quran, many times.

  6. there is no sharia law implemented with its true spirit, whoever claim this he is a shit.. we can see only corrupt elite in all muslim countries who had no laws rather in country or personal laws and principles, for them every thing is corruption bloody thugs and looters, all the political leaders of islamic countries are opposite to the aspirations of Muslim nations, they are disgrace and shameless.. democracy and its economic system is a shit specially for muslims, these systems are making rich the richer and rest of the world is starving, while small class of thugs and predators are making the best of it and making the rest fools..

  7. Sharia law is worst ideology even fascism is better see this video before you reply https://youtu.be/Eah1niD0dqs

  8. Ok I'm muslim and I've read the comments and I am disgusted to hear what there is to be heard/read by many people what the hell why is that constantly people who are arrogant and stubborn do not care about islam it's every where I hear it hear and there this world is a disgrace I have been a Muslim my whole life grown up as a muslim I have mixed friends from all backgrounds and I hear this from people why WHY do you have to say things like this for one you saying things so rude and evil is not going to affect us and another thing all these things you hear on the news fake lies islam does not allow rape abuse and all the bad things and whosoever calls satanic one thing I want to tell you is that islam hates the devil and that If you call us terrorist then I going to say this if Muslims where terrorists then why are you still hear answer my question if all Muslims are terrorists then why are you hear you should be dead now but your not because Muslims are not terrorists does who call them selves muslim and kill Innocent people are nothing more than animals because there's one thing non – Muslims don't know is that when a Muslim murders another person straight away they are rejected by god not just him but his family friends and everyone else and that person who kills is not muslim anymore so it would be much easier to call terrorists just terrorists not Isis or a Christian terrorist or a Hindu terrorist understand

  9. There is reason behind in everything in Quran.and Quran is the perfect… Don't say anything that you think are not correct..Coz u may don't have knowledge about the things.

  10. Being a Muslim , I would agree 100%. Its a philosophical law, individualistic in its core , when individual of same interpretations join , it transit to pluralistic base thus influence law of land. Moderate Muslims have moderate Sharia Law , more forgiving & tolerant like in Golden ages of Islam and vice versa.

  11. I appreciate this video so much. I hate how them shows like " Tucker" , and that "Hamburg", and that " Nancy" character, and the Bridgette Gabriel" , all them characters like to broadcast that Shari'a law is a death wish , and talkin all that hate crap against Islam and Sharia in America nd the world.
    I think Shari'a law can very much be compared to Jewish law", that basically apply to how a person practices there faith in there day to day life.
    thanks Leroy!

  12. After reading the comments here, I wonder if people are making a religion, government, system of laws their god? If so are these self same people going to be let down? That is the question.

  13. jihad is the main source of wealth of early Muslims which led by Mohmed he also took one fifth the war bounty including women

    Fuck all the Abrahamic religion which says the earth is flat and the sun revolves around the earth the god is also very much criminal narcissistic, jealous and such an idiot who doesn't know his own creations? Dont come to fool everyone.

  14. As he rightly says 'the Quran prohibits "unwanted" violence', as it also prohibits the killing of "innocent" people. However both the Quran and hadith are full of both wanted and wanton violence, including the advocacy of murder for anyone found "guilty" of rejecting or denouncing Islam. Muslims are so fucking disingenuous.

  15. Anjelina Jolie did some kind of blood sacrifices ceremonies too but UNICEF organization overlooked that.They love her.Perhaps she reformed on the more kooky religious stuff!

  16. Islam is political ideology and sharia is their constitution. Do not mistake it for religion, because religion does not force conversions and slavery.

  17. Have u read the Koran it basically says kill all non believers if they don't convert . It's not a religion of peace . If I'm right something called fatwa has been called which is to take over countries by any means necessary either by becoming a politician or by marching without women present followed by rioting and looting next comes the suicide bomber to scare everyone so they convert . Soon there will be civil unrest in the west . Islam and western culture clashes in a massive way the only outcome is religious war a civil war on our streets I'm scared for my kids future .Trum is now a thorn in the elites plan to cause civil religious unrest and for internal wars to break out . Then there final plan of a one world government will be complete . With anew others countries now supporting Trump plus Putin being a hard thorn there plan is doomed . I'm in UK find a documentary called Blackburn a city divided it's shows what's happening across UK . I'm all for people making a better life for themselves but don't threaten me with your beliefs etc . Western politicians have also said once wars r over the immigrants would be sent home with help to rebuild so why isn't this happening

  18. Nice load of propagandist bullshit bro. Typical crap of course, but well wrapped-up by a spin doctor specialising in bullshit of the masses!!

  19. Every thing this Muslim and I assume he is a Muslim says about the sharia is a lie, naughty taqiya (lying) practicing Muslim. Best read the qu'ran and the second most important book in Islam Suhail Bukari book of hadiths also Reliance of the Traveler for a true understanding of sharia and Islam. It's as bad as ever you have heard.

  20. Shariah is not anti female? How can you say that ? If a woman gets raped she must have 4 witnesses or else she will be blamed for fornication and in some case adultery.If she is accused of adultery she will be executed.

  21. Fact!…… Sharia law upholds blasphemy laws! And a whole bunch of other barbaric things! … it's Draconian!

  22. This vid described the sharia law as straightforward as 2+2=4, yet some ppl will still be popping up in the comments saying that 2+2=5!

  23. Bible LOVE verses comparing with SHARIA LAW ….and the WINNER IS = HOLY BIBLE
    Kill People Who Don’t Listen to Priests (Deuteronomy 17:12 NLT)
    Kill Witches (Exodus 22:17 NAB)
    Kill Homosexuals (Leviticus 20:13 NAB)
    Kill Fortunetellers (Leviticus 20:27 NAB)
    Death for Hitting Dad (Exodus 21:15 NAB)
    Death for Cursing Parents (Proverbs 20:20 NAB) (Leviticus 20:9 NLT)
    Death for Adultery (Leviticus 20:10 NLT)
    Death for Fornication (Leviticus 21:9 NAB)
    Death to Followers of Other Religions (Exodus 22:19 NAB)
    Kill Nonbelievers. (2 Chronicles 15:12-13 NAB)
    Kill False Prophets (Zechariah 13:3 NAB)
    Kill the Entire Town if One Person Worships another God (Deuteronomy 13:13-19 NLT)
    Kill Women Who Are Not Virgins On Their Wedding Night (Deuteronomy 22:20-21 NAB)
    Kill Followers of Other Religions. (Deuteronomy 13:7-12 NAB), (Deuteronomy 17:2-5 NLT)
    Death for Blasphemy (Leviticus 24:10-16 NLT)
    Kill False Prophets (Deuteronomy 13:1-5 NLT), (Deuteronomy 18:20-22 NLT)
    Infidels and Gays Should Die (Romans 1:24-32 NLT)

  24. I don't understand this crap. I mean I seen videos of so called Muslims executing women for adultry. Throwing gays off roofs and interviews in America where muslims say they prefer sharia over the u.s. constitution. so I call bullshit on this video.

  25. Islamic countries implament portions of sharia law some more than others. Sharia law is taken from the sunnah of Muhammad and the Quran and since Muhammad had a peaceful life in Medina when he was weak and was a warlord, political and religious leader in Mecca. Sharia law is anti-female because the Quran, Muhammad, the tafsir and hadeeths are all also anti-female and also against non-Muslims. Of course the KKK doesn't represent Christianity because Jesus represents Christianity just as Moses represents Judaism, and the Gidva Hinduism and Buddah Buddhism so Muhammad represents Islam and trust me even ISIS is more merciful then Muhammad was. Muhammad owned slaves and women as sex slaves, he married a child and ordered the killing or subjegation of all those who would not accept Islam.

  26. Best place to go for understanding Islam and Sharia law is the life of Mohamed himself. Sad to say that not only people who live in the west have no glue but most professing Muslims have no glue about many things in the life of Mohamed. Eyes open. https://youtu.be/rGnnCYOEUYY
    1 WWMD A “ Traditions of the Prophet “ by Randall Terry

  27. FTD Facts
    The MAJOR problem with Islam! Its sharia does not allow the greatest unwritten human right, which is "to-be left alone"!

  28. seriously, FUCK is-lame FUCK alla and FUCK his pedophile prophet called moo-ham-head (diarrhea be upon him)

  29. "The Sharia law is a set of guiding morals and principles meant to guide Muslims towards a life that will nourish their souls." And the main way to do that is to rid the world of people who disagree. We've seen this countless times to the point it's undeniable.

  30. But hidjab is good the veil in this clip is wrong i think. They can choose to whear it ofcourse but stil it is not the wright way i think. And punishments for adultr.. what is the punishment for that? Because im also against the hard punishments that some muslims are giving others. Let me know would appreciate it.

  31. Well they can keep their them laws in the middle east. That law isn't welcome in the west specially in the USA. No one cares. A law that can put one to death! Which type of religion is that? That law was created to favor men and expose women, what a joke!

  32. A woman has been put to death in Iran by Sharia law. The almighty God is loving. He forgives and always forgives. How can a religion have a law to put one to death because she had broke the law. They use the name of God to fulfill their goals. I have Muslims friends. Even the way their husband threat them, it's just unbelievable. Look at a riche country like Soudi Arabic, they just allow women to drive this year, funny but very strange.. Why is a woman a second class citizen in Islam?

  33. Most dangerous law that is create problem in non Muslim country where Muslim were lived now the radical Islamic terrorism is globally problem….

  34. But you didn't tell us if the sharia what includes ?
    I have heard that in sharia there is punishments for the ones that don't do god word and quran word (mortadin in arabic) .. so it doesn't include it ?
    Also sharia has been told that you have 3 choices: be muslim, be killed or pay high amount of money … so sharia dosen't include it also ?
    Sharia also has been told that it should reunite the islam empire from arabic world to Africa and even some part of europe … so it dosen't include that also ???
    Also chariaa tells that all muslims that has changed religion should be killed …. also it dosen't include it ??
    Chariaa also has been told that 4 women can be married for 1 men and starting 9 year old … it dosen't include that also ??
    Chariaa also has been told that women should obey and serve men to go to battle and work … and there is many rules about treating women in bad way (maybe not directly had been said this way) and men can divorce women in 1 word and can get 3 others anytime he want but this isn't applied for women …

    I really believe that you are avoiding saying anything bad in this video and you are chosing your words carefully… thus if you want really explain your point … deliver the chariaa law in exact words and what it contains (instead of what it dosen't or what myths there are ) since islam is about the direct word of god without the intervention on human in it … if the quran is the exact word of allah and it contains the chariaa and there is no intervention of people why don't you tell us what it contains only, soo you aren't obliged to explain or deliver their message since these are the exact words of allah and the chariaa of mohammad…

    There is many many points about chariaa that needs to be added but lets see if the above is correct or not and if this channel has the bravery to address them exactly as included .. or if this channel dosen't want any problems why is she putting so sensitive topics and comparison in the first place .. it should only explain each religions

    As i know that isis i doing exactly the chariaa in the exact words and the problem is … islam dosen't involves with the time and the surroundings to put the best images of them … in mohammad time the chariaa (maybe) is the best way to live and act for their time … but with involvement of the world and humanity it should also involves with it … or not ?

    Hope there is a video about the content of chariaa and the exact word since personally i cannot go to any muslim area or country and ask about them without switching to islam ….

    I'm being very open to islam and give them the best chance to convince me in many ways to switch to islam or believe that they are the correct religion but till now I'm having roadblocks and having fear of this religion more ….

    I know they are the religion of peace and god … and for that i do respect them all and do not insulte anyone and i have many muslim friends more than other religion … even so i couldn't be friend with true muslim believers  … and for sure i will not and couldn't criticize them (of course respectfuly) so they can convince me about their religion , if no one should ask how can he believe their religion ? How can someone swirch if he wasn't born as muslim ?

    I was born in different religion and after many years of following them …. i decided that it's time to question and ask about others maybe we or I'm wrong … but till now i have been more convinced and believed in my religion more than ever … we aren't perfect and we have so much problems ..
    But the core and the principals of my religion is more convincing and my search will continue to the day i feel the peace and the power of belief that i have been missing and looking for…

    I really believe if someone has switched to any certain religion will be more convinced and more devoted than someone is born that way without the choice of choosing … the first 7 years of any person life that determine their practice and beliefs till the end of life .. he will do as their parents did without knowing ..ex if his parents are employees he will be convinced unconsciously that this is the way to success and do the same . The only difference that he will repeats them so he can nail the same path … of course there is a small percentage that he will be different but it is veryy veryy low … usually when someone is born rich he will remain rich even if he is dumb and if someone has born poor or medium he will remain the same even if he is he genius (it's all about the system that was implemented in your first 7 years of your life) …what about religion ?? It is the same … it's all about the system…

    Hope to see any content of the chariaa and I'm saying this after I've watched all the islam videos that you have putted (except one that is about amazing facts about islam 2)

    Thank you sir it's my first day at this page and  i loved the way you addressed all sensitive topic and I'm looking forward to see what else there is or will be uploaded in the future ….

    Peace man

  35. We have been dying and abused for years in my country and from arround us due to chariaa and the confilct between chiaa and sunni … we are living in HELL … no one will know anything if he didn't live here …. what did i do wrong to be in this conflict ? Why should i be living this life due to chariaa and islam ? Why anyone shoud do this even if he is muslim … it is easy to say good things about others when you are far away sir … rape, murdered, bombing, low income and high taxes, etc …
    If the above aren't chariaa askings, how come the majority is doing it ? I have islam friends more than other religions but they live far away from their areas and we are living peace together but the aftermath and the doings of others that is affecting all of us …

    Hope someday islam can convince the world that we have been wrong .. but let's face it it has been this way from the beginning …

    Others also have been the same but has involved with time and involved with the needs of the world today … we need to move on and forgive each other so we can live in peace, we cannot judge our or other religion's past doings if we need to have a better future ….but it cannot be applied due to the chariaa as i believe … if it isn't i would love some points from this chariaa … may we all live in peace to get to a better place when we die … it shouldn't be kill others so you go to heaven as per chariaa law and states😂

  36. Mashaallah, this comment section is full of people who pretends they have achieved masters and PHD degree in sharia law, What a BIGOTRY?
    Here is a challenge, if you proved that this man over here is wrong, I will not only be against Sharia law, but I will exit Islam as well!

  37. It don't support women, it makes the woman a slave for the male.women get killed for being raped. It doesn't support gay people. It doesn't have freedom. Its not a secret, you cant cover it up no matter how hard people try.Countries are taking people fleeing from their country ruled by this because its not doing any good. Never did and never will.

  38. Warning to all the people watching this video. This guy is spreading lies and bogus information. Sharia law is based off of religious ideology and dates back to the beginning of the Arabic empire with Muhammad. Sharia law is how the Muslim world is governed and is a barbaric system. This video doesn't even mention that if you aren't a Muslim i.e Christian, Jew, Atheist, Agnostic, Buddhist, Hindu ect. under Sharia you must either convert to Islam or die. (OR pay a tax but we can see from history that always ends in total conversion or death).

    Compare Islam to Christianity and we can see from history that the Catholic church was using the bible to subjugate the population and would take their money and kill those deemed as heretics. No longer does the Catholic church persecute people to death, but who does? Oh right Islam and the Muslim world. Jesus never rose a sword to anyone or killed anyone based on religion or whatever. Muhammad killed and spread his ideology not by peace and love but by force and death. Islam religion of peace with it roots founded in death and violence at the hand of their "prophet". Islamic reformation is needed especially in the US but don't forget Taqiya though were Muslims are allowed to lie and deceive in the eyes of religious persecution.

  39. Muslins tell many people they are not for the Sharia Law. I believe this is a way to win us over, however, would you believe a Christian if they said "Jesus" was not the son of God?

  40. I don't know if you are doing this purposefully or if you are just ignorant of fallacies. You claim it would be 'weird' to think the KKK represent Christians, however, you compare it with extremists representing ISLAM. Islam is an ideology, Christians are people. No person can represent another (unless you are talking about elected representation, but that's a different topic) People can however, represent ideologies and systems.
    You claim the extremists are just 'human interpretations', then, so is your conclusions about Islam.

  41. You are an idiot. You obviously have a bias because what you are saying is completely false. Sharia Law is anti women when they are arresting gang raped women for being gang raped or marrying off 13yr old girls to their cousins.

  42. Let me explain what Sharia law is. It’s a man walking into a food court at the Long Beach plaza when I was 13 and cutting off his wife’s head in front of everyone because she dared to ask for a divorce. It’s killing your wife and 2 of your daughters and a friend of the mothers because she wanted a divorce and the father thought she was dating someone. That’s Sharia Law. Thanks.

  43. Actually, the vast majority of muslims want sharia law to replace civil law the ones who disagree are either non muslims hiding under the banner of islam or they are Muslims corrupted by secularism and Western thinking.

  44. You deserve to be punish for what sins you have done. (anything that considered a sin in Islam) That's it. If you have not been punish in this world, you'll get punish in the afterlife unless if you repent. And punishments in the afterlife are much more frightening. So choose whether you follow the law of God or you just do whatever you want on this world and get punish in the afterlife. Well, it depends on you. No hate


  46. ===========================
    Thank me
    I Spoke with Allah
    تحدثت مع الله
    Sharia Law .
    قانون الشريعة
    . "Sharia Law" .
    "Afghanistan and Islam
    Shocking news I Survived"

  47. Islam is false religion made by Mohammed himself 👿watch all Christian prince videos in YouTube channel u I'll 100% leave Islam ,so sad Muslims r brain washed from birth.

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