3 Spiritual Awakening TRAPS that Lower Your Vibration INSTANTLY

this video I'm gonna be sharing with you three spiritual awakening traps that will lower your vibration instantly there's gonna be things that you can totally bypass from simply watching this video welcome back to another video my name's Aaron and I help people to expand their consciousness now in this video I'm gonna be sharing with you that of understanding three spiritual awakening traps that I fell into and there are things that if I would have bypassed it would have made the process so much more smooth now first off you might be asking yourself what is the spiritual awakening well if you're watching this video and you even clicked on something to talked about spiritual awakening the most likely you're either going through a spiritual awakening about to go through a spiritual awakening or have already gone through a spiritual awakening and a spiritual awakening in general is where you realize that you are more than your ego structure you're more than this avatar structure that we use in this reality we are immortal spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences and when we become aware of this this is what we call a spiritual awakening because when we grow up we grow up conditioned to believe that we are an accumulation of our past we believe that we are our body we believe that we are who you know we perceive ourselves to be and that's a very much of limitation but it's something that we identify with because it's so emphasized in school it's so emphasized in the magazines and all of these things about how we look so therefore we identify with it so in general part of a experience that we'll have and a lot of people have especially in this life because now is the time of awakening on the planet is waking up to who we really are and that's one of the things about this reality as well when we come here we forget who we are and a lot of other systems are a lot of other places in the universe when you go somewhere or you incarnate somewhere you remember who you are you have this connection of remembrance your whole life and for a lot of places here though we forget who we are and there's a very slow density here there's this time and space in this linear progression and it's part of the game of life it's what makes this place so special because we can go forget who we are and then remember who we are and that's a very beautiful thing and something that's happening on the planet right now as the vibrations continue to raise more and more people are waking up maybe you've noticed it since like 2012 or mm mm so many people are waking up so many people are becoming aware of who they are beyond just the physical structure and they're becoming aware that their thoughts correlate with what they experience if they changed their thoughts they changed their life so it's a very empowering understanding of how we can begin to integrate with this knowing and when I went through my spiritual awakened in 2012 my whole entire life changed and just to give a very short synopsis of it because I've talked about it in many videos I was at the time working at Barney not as the time working at Nordstrom's in women's shoes and I was taking adderall which is the prescription drug they give to people that have ADHD I was taking that during the day I was going at home at night I was smoking weed because that was helping me to balance that out because the side effects of adderall are you don't eat very much you don't sleep very much so I'd go home at night and I would smoke and then I'd be able to eat and sleep and I would do that and that's what I was doing for about a year year and a half and eventually I came across and was like you know I got to do something that doesn't need these things I felt kind of dependent and there was still some harsh side effects of it even though I was smoking to balance it out so what I did is I did some research Mike came across meditation and there was like black and white science that if you meditate you will be able to balance out your hormones you will feel better you'll feel more mentally clearer so I was like okay I'm gonna look into this so what I did is I decided that I was going to meditate and the first two or three days of trying it not much results but the third day I did something a little bit different what I did is I remember I was in my room I was staring at a candle flame because they said if you stare at a candle flame your eyes focused on one point won't wander so much and because your eyes aren't wandering so much you were then be able to focus more so what I did is I did focused on that one point and then I simply observed my thoughts instead of trying to control my thoughts because this is all so shortly after I learned and was really getting into the law of attraction I read the book Think and Grow Rich and I was like oh my thoughts create my reality so I didn't want to think negative thoughts I was resisting it so instead I just observed the thoughts as they come in and then I let them go serve them as they come in let them go and that's when things begin to change for me I remember about the third and fourth day that I did it all the sudden I started to feel totally different and I made I had this knowing and I made a choice that from this point going forward my life will be forever changed it was like this inner knowing mixed with an intention and from that point going forward I started to feel totally different I went from on a scale of 1 to 10 feeling a majority at about a 3 to a 5 out of 10 so not feeling that great – about a 7 or 8 out of 10 I started to feel high all of the time and from that point going forward within a week I got rid of adderall 100% and from another week on top of that I got rid of weed 100% and I started to feel really good and when I would if I didn't even try to do those things it bring my vibration down I believe our natural vibration is a high vibrational state it's just that a lot of times we use other things that end up bringing us down and we think it's bringing us up though so those are things that I gave up that I didn't began to raise my vibration and that's when I became aware that I'm more than just this human structure I'm a spiritual being having a temporary human experience and when that happened my whole entire life changed now the reason I told all that story is because the first one I would be talking about is something that happened after I went through my spiritual awakening as I was going through it and this the trap that you don't want to fall into is developing anger and saying screw the system then it's about really being balanced so that the solution to that is being bounced let me explain what I mean when I went through my spiritual awakening what happened was is I was working at Nordstrom's and women's shoes I started I started to learn about like how the government like the people behind the government you could say some people call this the Illuminati and I became aware that there were certain strings being pulled that was controlling different facets of our world and it was something that I became very angry about because I was like why you know why isn't this stuff taught in school why don't we learn about the law of attraction or our thoughts correlate with our experience or why don't we learn about meditation and there's black and white science that shows the benefit of it why don't we learn all this well there's a certain reason why we don't learn all of it and I became angry at that and I even learned that you know the the financial system is owned by corporations you think that the government owns the money corporations owned the money so I became angry at money in general and then I became aware of how the IRS is and how that money isn't really used you know there's all these negative now once again I'm saying all this don't take any of this and and go with it and think that I'm emphasizing it now because I'm not I'm just using it as an example but once I learned all that I developed an anger about the whole system so I just said screw the system so literally what I did is I said this job doesn't resonate with me anymore I was working at Nordstrom's and women's shoes I said this job doesn't resonate with me anymore I don't care about all of this other stuff it's all it's all part of the game it's all part of the matrix so I just said back to 2012 I said screw it so I went in one day at work there was a manager there at the time that I didn't get along with because we had a new manager this new manager long story short his new manager had a crush on me I did not like that person and once that was known that I didn't like them they started to rebel against me and it was like this thing so there was like this resistance there with that anyway so part of it was that but it was mainly I was like screw the system so what I did is I said screw the system and I went in one day and I said you know what I'm not coming in tomorrow I'm done and from that point going forward I spent about four or five months just living on savings and and going through my own deeper spiritual awakening process and I did not want to have to get a job I was convinced that there was this this ascension of vibration going on and that there was going to be some way that I would fit into it like someone's gonna ask me to speak somewhere or something like that it was like this funny idea this romantic idea had my mind about how everything was gonna work but I did not want to get a job I did not want to you know then then you start developing this this plot this at the time I developed this this this identification with feeling different than everyone else so I became kind of angry at that because people didn't understand what I was going through and I'll talk about that here in a minute as well but in general what I went through is I said screw the system I don't want to get a job I even remember I remember getting I remember you guys know how I talk about kinesiology or like power versus force muscle testing there was this lady that was really good at it she was all she was older ladies about prob about 70 she was getting really good at at it and you could ask questions and she could she give you yes or no so like what spirit would say right or like what the muscle testing would say and I remember getting readings from her on the phone and I asked her I said the spirit want me to get a job if that's like four or five months that not having a job and she was like yes spirit says you should have a job everything she said so far I've been so accurate you know with the things that she was showing and I was like no I did not want to believe it was like do not want to get a job do not want to get a 3d job you know and I was I was feeling resistance about that and of course eventually after a couple months of sitting on that like I don't want to have to get a job I did end up getting a job I ended up working at Barneys New York selling women's shoes they're doing kind of the same thing but I was like okay I have to integrate back into society sometimes when we go through a spiritual awakening there's this tendency to go all the way on one side of the spectrum to say this is how I want to be this is how I want to live my life and when we do that we neglect the part of ourselves that's still rooted in this 3d physical experience now of course that we're transitioning into a fourth dimensional state of consciousness so it's changing however having the awareness that you will it will lower your vibration to completely balance it on one side of the spectrum without staying grounded I was – I was becoming a little bit too esoteric and not as relatable in a way in 2012 when I went through that and it was something I had to go through because I learned that you know of course I let go of a lot of things that job and all of that other stuff however I realized that what I have to do is I have to stay balanced in this experience I can't just go on a complete tangent by saying screw the system screw my old job screw all this stuff and I learned a lot from that I learned a lot from that experience and I'm happy it happened however at the same time it's something that maybe you can bypass stay grounded in your life experience understand that yes maybe there's maybe you want to find your passion maybe you don't want to be doing the job that you're doing but maybe don't make the rash decision of saying screw it I'm gonna who cares anymore money it doesn't mean anything above a blah we still are here right now and we're still integrated here so this is something that's important just don't be identified with it but still go through the motions you know is can be fun this can also be fun understand that like I live in I live and I have a lot of joy in my life a lot of fun of my life because I love what I do and I can live in abundance and I can use it I'm not identified with the money like oh the money means I'm like worthy I'm just like okay I can do this if I want I can do this if I want it's cool so just be aware of it now the second thing that will lower your vibration when it comes to a spiritual awakening this kind of like a trap it's what's called a spirit old ego have you ever heard of that I developed a spiritual ego especially back in 2012 so what happened was I had the spiritual awakening I realized that reality is much different than most people think I was so passionate about learning how reality works so passionate about learning like the correlation between thought and experience and I wanted to share it with everyone because I wanted everyone to know that this is how you create reality if you understand it then you can control your reality or you can more direct it in a powerful way and I also was like others the spiritual awakening happening on the planet more and more people are raising their vibration there's this ascension I wanted people to understand but not everyone did understand and a lot of friends honestly thought that I probably went crazy or something because I'm talking about this vibration thoughts correlate and experience and now it's much more acceptable back of 2012 when you're talking about how your thoughts create your reality as much more resistance from friends and family I know to rebuild my family that was on board but there was also people that just did not understand it and then you also become a little bit angry because you're like people don't get it and then you develop this spiritual ego I remember one time I was with this guy that I do and there's a buddy of mine and he was he was kind of going through the spiritual awakening as well and he was kind of looking around at people at Whole Foods it was like looking through people the others sleep just like asleep they have no idea that they create their own reality they have no idea who they are there's this tension going on and then no idea and I just thought it was funny because like that was the epitome I was like oh whoa it's like a spiritual ego I probably have a spiritual ego and I did so basically what happens when you become spiritually awake is you're like oh my old ego goes out the door and then what happens is this new ego comes in it goes I'm very superior to other this ego stuff I am a spiritual being having a temporary human experience I know how to raise my vibration and then there's this other ego that comes in that knows it all and that has it all figured out and that sees other people as below even there's like oh I'm awake that person's not awake the key to this is knowing everyone's on their own journey everyone is on their own journey and the more that we emphasize the separateness and how people are awake or asleep or this or that the more we separate ourselves from them let your life be a spiritual experience of connection I see people that maybe are a little bit more engrained into the 3d stuff of like duality and like that bad the government the president all of the stuff I just acknowledged it but I don't judge them in like oh you're further down the rabbit or you know you you're just you can kind of not hear you're just in the matrix or something like that the key is to drop the spiritual ego and understand that we're all connected and the more we emphasize the separateness the for the more we feel separateness also yes some people may fall out of your life but allow people to also come in understand it's part of the process and just like a dog with like a bone in its mouth has to let go of one bone before it can get another in the same way if there's a lot of things in your life that feel like they're falling apart allow things to be as they are allow things to happen and know that people are going to be brought into your life that resonate at that higher frequency but don't develop the ego or the identification that they are separate and this is this and this is our sleep and all this stuff it's just not necessary instead choose to be in a high vibration state by seeing the connectedness between everyone you know if they're in if someone's in your life or in your life for a reason and if you need to you know have the power to have discernment or something then you can exercise that but be aware of it for me I had to learn how to let go of that spiritual ego not see people as asleep or whatever it is and I had to like let go of that perception of of like a hierarchy like someone's more weak than someone else everyone's on their own journey at the deepest level we're all connected so if we judge someone else we're also judging ourself now that's something I did that changed my life now the third thing that is a trap if you fall into it and it was something I also fell into is this concept of way team waiting for things to change there are a lot of people right now that are waiting for this event to happen it's called the event the event is when the economic system is completely revamped and all this money that's been laundered by these people that run the government is gonna be redistributed and this stuff called nosara and all of this stuff that people been waiting for like 20 years for they're doing waiting literally since like 2001 for this all of this stuff to come out are still waiting like it's gonna happen tomorrow it's gonna happen in a week it's gonna happen a month and what I'm saying is I don't know but what I am saying is waiting doesn't help waiting impatiently and and putting everything on hold for that you know when it comes to this ascension of us raised our vibration there are a lot of people that were waiting to at some level ascend into a higher state of consciousness so they weren't taking action with like doing their passion they weren't trying to help the collective they weren't doing anything because it's gonna eventually come and when it comes it's gonna be great but I'm just gonna wait until then the key is to know that the best way you make change in your life is by you being the best version of you right now and doing what you can to help the collective consciousness we're not gonna get saved by some ET race that comes down as higher-dimensional beans it's like hey guys you're doing everything wrong here's technology here's everything here's what you do now here's what may happen we may change ourselves from the inside out raise our vibration and then meet some type of beings that give us some high technology or something like that that's a possibility but it's not probable that we're just saved because that takes away the purpose of the game of life we are here to create change within ourselves we are here to create the change from our own power not from someone else given us everything and when we just focus on us and that doing the best we can and we stopped waiting that's when things are really gonna be the change you know I sat around for a long time at that job at Barneys New York no and oh it's not what I want to be doing it's not what I'm going to be doing and I was like waiting for something to happen I'm like why am i waiting what am I waiting for and so what I did I said you know what I'm gonna start doing something that helps I'm gonna start making videos that help people I started focusing on the value I can provide to other people I went from date weekly videos to daily videos and then three four months later things began to explode and within six months I got rid of that job ever since then I'm a full-time youtuber I love what I do and it's because I chose to take and do what I love I chose that because I knew that that's what I meant to be doing you have a purpose right now on the planet and the key is not to wait for some external thing to happen start going in that direction now start embodying that ideal frequency start being in your passion because as you do that you will notice that you start to create a powerful momentum for you so that was a trap that I fell into was waiting for 2012 for this raising vibration for this ascension to happen and all of this stuff but ascension is a vibrational thing that's happening within our own bodies we're not going anywhere else we're going to be here but we're gonna be in a higher vibrational state of consciousness we're gonna be perceiving reality in the new way we're gonna be understanding we're all connected we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna shift from the inside out not go somewhere else or it's not gonna be as drastic as people think it's going to be gradual and we're going through it now the trap is to not decide to know that you can stay balanced know that you can balance throughout this process and integrate with it know that the more you you let go of your spiritual ego you start to see people as connected and as you do that you're going to be more in the flow more in smooth transition and you'll find that yes things happen people come in people go out but in general you're gonna feel happier and then that stop waiting start being start being here right now in the present moment watch how your life begins to change so something else I have coming out soon is called the shift experience that's going to help us shift to this new state of consciousness to this 4d 5d level of consciousness if you want updates on that it's gonna be in the top of the description box below it'll be ready in a couple months and I'll let you know when that goes live also I'm gonna be doing more live canoes on Instagram so if you want to follow me on Instagram and you want to ask me questions I do live Q&A is very often plus I do twice a day posting there you'll see that right here as well and other than that I hope you enjoy this video feel free to like this video if you liked it subscribe if you haven't already hit the little notification here next to the subscribe button so you can see the daily vids that I do now there's Matt as always peace much love and namaste


  1. You're great I don't know why it took sooo long for me to find you!! Every day I learn something new about myself because of you..Thank you..P.S. That voice of the dude with the spiritual ego is hilarious!!

  2. My fellow awakened being thank you I love your videos and can so relate to so much of what you say and love hearing that I am not the only one who has gone thru that rabbit hole and came back out Thru the other side you inspire me thank you !!! Please keep up the good vibes and the helping others you rock my dude!!!!!

  3. Love this! I just got a new job after not working for a year because I was going through the process of discovering who I truly am and started on my spiritual journey. I had given many things up to better myself. I have not started my new job yet but I can see where the spiritual ego comes in because thats what crossed my mind about how im different from everyone else and how am I going to adjust to working with people again. This is great advice! Im going to drop that spiritual ego!!

  4. First timer here and honestly you made a lot of sense Aaron, a lot. In fact it was just what I needed brother, thanks for the nudge in the right direction. Spiritual ego eh, yep indeed. No one seems to get where I'm coming from and naturally gives way for the ego. Enlightened my friend and now able to move past this stage in my personal growth with some clarity moving forward. It feels good getting over this hurdle that I hadn't even realised was there until you brought it to my attention. It's a sneaky prick that ego isn't it. Thank you Aaron.

  5. Maybe what I’m feeling lately is the same feeling you felt when you were working a normal job. I feel like I should be doing something better then what I’m doing now .

  6. Where can I learn kinesiology? I have always wanted to learn it so that I may help heal people and to hopefully have them understand that there are other methods out there besides western medicine.

  7. I thought this was a great topic you helped me also on understanding the spiritual ego I also watch infinite waters with Ralph smart both you guys are Awsome ty for sharing your journey.

  8. Thanks Aaron, this whole video fully resonates with me, thanks for the warning but most likely people will still fall for the trap, but now they will know better.

  9. I made it! I'm a little late to class.. lol for some reason or another I got hung up on cloning too long …??? But omg I'm here I'm legit crying I'm so happy 💜💜💜💜💜

  10. Yeah you are so right I agree about with what you said on the third truth we only have now the only time you ever have to do anything is now you can't hold for something in the future and be waiting around you can only act now

  11. I think it is a game of life, some have hacked..We need to wake up and unlearn the shit we were taught and open our pineal gland or third eye.

  12. This video made me laugh a couple of times, for it's so so so relatable. It's so refreshing/ enlightening to hear you talk about this. Thank you lots for sharing the things you know and have experienced. Much love, Jaimé.

  13. We have to be connected your word explain how I feel , the points you make are was i was subconsciously doing as in telling myself i cant be higher than myself because i am everyone and everyone is me that's how i connected it to how i can understand others and I stay humble and watch deep and feel while not just watch the surface . Your amazing

  14. You did pretty much as I did adderall, weed to balance then meditation, while I was on adderall I started to dive into alot and it led to meditation and trying that out like you said nothing much at first but then I let my thoughts pass by no matter good or bad and soon I found myself in a stillness state mind and body but my spirit was surfing… its truly something else this is a long story short lol

  15. Thank you for this!! I do Psychic Readings on My YouTube but I hope soon I can share more of my journey with the world as a Psychic Medium.

    Like you I was WAITING, waiting for this to drastically change (without me doing much of the work) and I noticed that things change when I AM A PART OF THE CHANGE. Lol
    Faith without works is dead !

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  17. Hi Aaron ive noticed there is a lot uve said that happened in your life has happened in mine and what your talk about makes a lot of sense, from things ive alwsys known andvthings im learning iam also am adhd and had a abusive childhood and i take concerta but recently ive felt i want to meditate, i starting to feel we have had and continuing to have a life thats quite parallel ive watch a lot of your youtube videos and its quite revealing there are also 2 others around me that are also awakening

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    15:00 I'm not waiting for the same thing…

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