20 MINUTE Candle Meditation For Health and Abundance – Guided Meditation


  1. "TRANQUIL." – me after each inhale and exhale as I watched the candlelight. The word I chose for this meditation.

    What another relaxing experience for me, although this time I sat on my chair at my bedroom desk for this. I finished it feeling relaxed, and now I am off to bed.

  2. Incredible video can't believe how relaxed and calm I'm feeling right now. Really just what I needed 2 calm me right down after a really stressful day. Thank u guys so much 😁

  3. Tyvm! Much love to you all. The timing on this is beautiful. And the video is beautiful. As always. 🌈🍃

  4. I've been hoping that you would do a "dark screen" production. I can't wait to enjoy this later…night-night

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