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Astronomy or the study of the universe
is pretty amazing because it helps us learn more about the universe that we
live in. There is so much to discover and we haven’t figured out that much of the
universe yet but our Muslim brother Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi helped discover a lot and changed how we look at the stars forever. Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi was born in
903 AD in Iran and lived in the course of Emir Adud ad-Daula. Al Sufi was one of the nine famous Muslim astronomers of the past and is listed as one of the most
influential astronomers of the Middle Ages Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi dedicated his
life studying the stars and the universe the ancient Greeks of the past made
their predictions and discoveries but a lot of those discoveries and predictions
were wrong. Al Sufi corrected those wrong discoveries and predictions and wrote
them in his great book called The Book of Fixed Stars that was published in
964. In that book Al Sufi recorded more than a thousand stars and recorded their
positions. He’s put all of those stars into 48 constellations or groups. Al Sufi
also listed the colors of those stars and estimated the brightness and the
size of each star. He also identified the Large Magellanic Cloud which is a galaxy
that can be seen from parts of Yemen, something the Europeans didn’t figure
out until the 16th century. Al Sufi also identified the Andromeda galaxy which is
also known as the small cloud. these galaxies were actually the first
galaxies to be observed from Earth besides the Milky Way galaxy which is
the galaxy that we live in. Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi discovered a lot more things
like calculating the length of the tropical year and some other things that
completely changed how we see our universe. A lot of the astronomical
works that came after him was discovered all because of our great Muslim brother
Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi may Allah give him the highest place in Jannah, Ameen. We
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