11 Min Morning Guided Meditation | For The Best Day Ahead

Good Morning
Welcome to your new day, your new beginning. Sit up comfortably; make it cosy and have
your back somewhat straight. Close your eyes gently. Relax your arms. Relax your legs. Let your belly relax; let it be just like
baby’s belly; soft and comfortable. Notice your breath. And inhale just a little deeper, just to sense,
taste the air and then let it out. Notice your skin touching the soft fabric
of your cosy bedding. Inhale a little deeper once more and let the
air soothe your body from within. Notice how calm your body is. Tune into the newness and freshness of this
day. Right here, right now, there is nothing for
you to do, the sun comes up every morning, and the morning comes by itself, inviting
you and everyone else to start brand new. Inhale and exhale. While breathing consciously, feel the fresh
point, point of attraction of all good that has the potential to come to you to reveal
itself to you today. Inhale and exhale. As you find joy in the here and now, new people
and circumstances are lining up for you to rendezvous with; delicious conversations are
waiting to be had. Inhale and exhale. Fresh breath like a brand new blossom waking
up in the spring, full of zest, anticipation for a beautiful day filled with light and
joy just because it lives, just because it has a gift of life. Relish in the thought that your body is doing
what it’s doing to keep you rested, alive and healthy. Inhale and exhale. Make an intention to keep your mind fresh
through the day, allowing new ideas to flow through you. Inhale and exhale. Tune into the peaceful and powerful energy
around you. Connect yourself to it. Feel your vibration rising higher. Inhale and exhale. Joyfully prepare to be the active creator
today, to follow your ideas, your gut and your wisdom. Say it with me:
Today I will use my wants and desires as tools of creation, for my pleasure, as a way to
play with the Universe in the game of co-creation. I will allow for the energies of ease and
play to be my dominant energies today, allowing me to fully live my purpose, which is enjoy
my life right here and right now. And today, through my ease and enjoyment I
will find myself where I want to be – happy. f0 Lower your chin slightly to your chest,
softly bowing your head in gratitude for a fresh start and preparing, with eagerness
to go out, create and play! Have a great day! Thank you for joining me in this meditation. I would like to know about your experience
– please comment, like or share this meditation. Thank you and until next time.


  1. I love your videos! Only noted that the voiceover was a little too loud compared to the background sounds. Other than that, very soothing…

  2. You should provide the listener a little time to listen to you and repeat before moving forward. Otherwise a great meditation

  3. To you and your loved ones, sending you well-wishes for perfect health in every area and level of life. Thank you!

  4. I would much rather be with you. I love you this may not mean much but it's the best I can do right now.

  5. I love Rasas meditations so very much, but now they are starting to sound like Abraham Hicks'. I loved the difference: 1 exciting & motivating and the other, deep self-love, soothing and spiritual. Both are wonderful regardless.

  6. Visų pirma labai ačiū tau už tavo neišsekinama kūrybinę širdį, kurią lieji mums, ieškantiems. Atlieki, mano mąstysena, didingus povandeninius žygdarbius, keičiančius didžiąsias sroves. Tik norėjau išreikšti savo pastebėjimą. Manyčiau neklystu, kad tu iš Lietuvos . Ir aš ne apie Lietuva labiau noriu užsiminti, labiau apie jos kalbą. Vieną kartą beklausant tavojo balso man šovė mintis, kad būtų puiku tokį išdailintą emocinį šedevro unikalumą duoti paklausyti savo tėvams.. bėda viena – kaip ir daugelis, nemoka anglų kalbos (vyresnioji karta). Man berašant belieka vieta, iš kurios aš galiu tave tik paraginti: išreikšti sąvaja misiją lietuvių kalba. Nežinau, kokia tavo nuostata šia tema. Bet nesiveliant į visą kvailoka šovinizmą, manau nedaugeliui kyla abejonių dėl lietuvių kalbos išskirtinių galimybių ir ypatumų. Kalba yra arčiausiai širdies iš mūsų sukurtų žmogiškų priemonių. O lietuvių kalbą tuo ir pasižymi, savo senumu, grožiu, išsilaikiusia šiluma, kai dar žmonės tik ir bandė viską išsakyti kas sklinda iš š širdies gelmių, tai kas tikra ( viena seniausių europios kalbų) Gal ir dėl to, skaitant komentarus matau, kad žmonės pabrėžia tavo balso artumą. Juk kalba formuoja žmogaus charakterį , asmenybę, jo būtį, jautrumą, o ypač tai ir daro lietuvių kalba. Ji persmelkus tave, įėjusi į tave, išjaučianti tave, nors ir kalbi angliškai, nepabėgi nuo jos. Pasikartosiu šiek tiek, dėl šių priežasčių klausytojai yra labiau su tavimi. ( Mažybinių žodelių formavimas ) . Mano opinija tavo lietuviškos versijos meditacija būtų parodytas tavo dekingumas tave formavusiai lietuvių kalbai, kuri nyksta, be jos tu nebūtum čia, šalia angelų. Ir tai, manau, tikrai pakeistų Lietuvoje esančių žmonių egzistenciją , gal net žymiai didesniais mąstais nei dabar keiti pasaulio egzistavimo palaimą.

  7. Thank you, Rasa. I really love all your videos. This one has been wonderful this morning. Have a great day everyone!

  8. Hi Rasa, is it possible for you to do a Spirit of Comfort /self love/ manifest whilst you sleep meditation? That would be just gorgeous I know it!

  9. Thank you for this wonderful morning meditation, Rasa. I enjoyed your peaceful, calming voice and the simplicity of the scene: the ocean waves lapping at the shoreline. It was brief but calmed me immediately and was just what I needed today!

  10. I have done this meditation 4 times this past week. It helps me become optimistic early in the day. Thank you!

  11. Love this one Rasa. Use it often in bed when I am too tired to get up for a sitting meditation. Love your smile, the voice and the positive vibes ❤️😘🙏🏻. Thank you!

  12. Your meditations are marvelous! I have hard time connecting butyoir voice makes it easy! Thank you! Love from Greece

  13. Thank you lovely girl… I love your voice. The meditations are easy and graceful. I love them all… xxx Gratitude and Appreciation, Jay xxx

  14. Thank you for this shortened meditation and the reminder to go into the day with ease and happiness

  15. I so love this quick amazing morning meditation. Sets me gret and clear for the rest of the day. I'm so greatfull. i love all your meditations. They are part of the best <3

  16. Rasa, I really really loved the last part where I said those words with you. I felt it wonderfully. I loved it. Thank you so much! Blessings

  17. Hi Rasa, nice to meet you 🙂 this is my second meditation on your channel, I am already a huge fun. Thank you so much for taking the time to give us tools for uplifting ourselves. This meditation what’s exactly what u need it for today. Namaste 🙏🏼

  18. Best meditations on YouTube. Ima. Kundalini yoga teacher and lover of Abraham. Rasa hits all the good spots!

  19. This should be required at the beginning of each work day for all businesses and agencies! The affirmation is perfect!

  20. Thank you so much for this video. I truly appreciate it. It helps me Center ground and align myself every morning that I use it. Many blessings

  21. Very lovely meditation. Really puts my mind at ease and brings a calm instead of anxiety about the day. Thanks again Rasa! You always know just what to say!

  22. Thank you for this little joyful meditation, what a wonderful way to start the day! Many blessings to you Rasa🙏❤️

  23. Thank you so much Rasa!!! Your voice is angelic and this is a perfect start for a beautiful day. Much love and gratitude to you ❤️🙏

  24. I have been listening to this every day before I get out of bed. The high vibration holds throughout my day as I remember your soothing words. Chronic anxiety and depression symptoms are quieted when I take the time to start my day with this. Thank you Rasa!

  25. this is my favourite morning meditation! I have only started meditating every day a week ago, but i LOVE it! Thank you for this meditation!

  26. Dear Rasa, would you consider making a nighttime meditation for children? I think my daughter would love your voice. She is quite picky but loves a nice meditation to help her fall asleep 💜

  27. Thank you Rasa only your meditations helped me to go through my hardest time in my life , I did recommended to all my friends and they so happy as well

  28. i did this meditation a few days ago and as from today i will practice it daily, today is the first day, and i am happy, i like my job but my Boss can be unpredictable, i'd like to find work where people are gentle, kind and caring and respect each other, with your meditation and the point of good things, i look forward to my life, thank you Rasa x

  29. Thank you, Rasa. I was feeling lost and unbalanced the last few days. This was just what I needed to get me back on track. Many blessings to you 😊☀️

  30. Another beautiful meditation Rasa helps me so much on my spiritual journey Rasa is so connected and like a guide in another post someone commented Rasa is an Angel this is so true. Very gifted, thank you. Blessings and love to you all.

  31. Oh how I loved listening to this after my yoga and sitting meditation practice. A perfect trio🙏Thank you😌

  32. You are my favorite meditation channel
    Your voice is so soothing and relaxing. What a great way to start the day. Thank you for sharing your beautiful energy. 💚

  33. Thank you for this meditation Rasa. I have listening to it the last two days and it has helped me set a high vibration for my day. 🙏❤️

  34. I have no more words to keep commenting on your videos accept I love you and you're amazing and you're voice turns me on haha I can't lie

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