10-Minute Guided Meditation (Savasana) | Deep Relaxation – Bedtime Yoga – Relaxation

Come to lying on your back. and bring your
palms facing up towards the ceiling, separate your legs apart, and just relax. Close your eyes. If you’d like, you can place your head on
a pillow, or a blanket, or a towel, just make sure that your forehead is above your chin. so, once you’ve settled into your position
and closed your eyes, begin to deepen your breath, draw your attention and your awareness
to your inhales and exhales, breathing in through your nose, and out through your nose
as well. You can bring your focus to the pathway of
your breath as it moves in and out of your body. If you’d like you can bring your attention
to the way your belly rises and falls as you breathe, and as you do this, hold your attention,
on your breath for as long as you can, if another thought comes into your mind just
notice that thought, gently set it aside and move your attention back to your breath. Continuing with this pattern of breathing
deeply and focusing on your breath. Imagine that you are relaxing deeper and deeper
with exhale that you take, each exhale allows you melt further and further into the ground. All of your muscles, your bones your joints,
everything is relaxing deeper and deeper with each exhale. I am now going to count backwards from 10.
and each count will allow you relax even deeper into a more peaceful and calm state of mind. You can imagine if you’d like that you’re
floating down further and further with each count. I will now begin the counting. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2.1. You are now completely relaxed. As you remain in this relaxed state, imagine
that there is light radiating from your heart center. This light provides warmth and joy and peacefulness. Now picture this light as a very small round
ball of energy right in your heart center, and imagine that this light is slowly gradually
growing in size. imagine that it’s warmth and its glow, is
slowly growing, and reaching your entire body. gradually as it begins from your heart center. Slowly it’s growing and reaching other parts
of your body. Providing it’s warmth, and it’s joy, and it’s
peacefulness to reach your entire body. Once you are completely surrounded in the
glow of it’s light which begins from your heart center feel it’s warmth, providing you
with positivity and a state of mind which is calm and at ease. With the protection of this light, you can
feel safe, and you can feel happy. Enjoy this moment. Enjoy the warmth and the glow of this light. And now that the light has provided you with
all of this peace and relaxation say thank you to the light and have a moment of gratitude
for how this light came from your own heart center that has provided you with this amazing
sense of peace. And now feel yourself retaining this relaxation
that the light has provided you with and let the light go. Imagine that it is floating away, far far
away. slowly going away from your body. disappearing into space. Know that although the light is no longer
there, you can call upon it whenever you need. and allow it’s protective nature to provide
you with a sense of calm. now once again begin to deepen your breath
drawing your attention back to your inhales and exhales. Come back to your outer body by gently wiggling
your fingers and toes, and slightly bringing motion back into your extremities. when you
feel ready, roll onto the right side of your body, and rest there with your knees bent
and your arm underneath your head for support. Before gently helping yourself back up to
a seated position. Thank you!


  1. Thank you so much! I had a teacher who used the same script too. I really like this very much. Could you please tell me where is is this and similar guided meditations from?

  2. Thank you for you inspiration and dedication!!!! It is very much appreciated, you inspire me.

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  4. Is it normal for me to wander when I get relax? I was feeling relax something random popped up in my head and I couldn't take it out

  5. I suffer from anxiety and even just a few minutes a day for relaxing is crucial and this was just amazing. Thank you!!!

  6. Relaxing! This was my first time meditating and after a while I started to feel vibrations all over my body and slight pain on both of my arms. Is this normal??

  7. Thanks 4 this! Took me two times cuz the first time I was scatter brained thinking about everything else but relaxing lol

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