🐰 Colossians 2? DEBUNK PHONY CHRISTIANS’ Stupidity!

So you don’t celebrate Jewish holidays cuz you’re not Jewish, but you celebrate pagan holidays because you’re Christian? Hey fam, it’s Rachel today on crack your Bible We are debunking the stupidest argument that so-called Christians make whenever you say hey I’ve been looking into the history of all of these very popular holidays and they are rife with paganism So as for me in my household, we are going to serve the Lord I’m just not going to be involved in celebrating these holidays anymore all the sudden. These people will bring up the same tired stupid argument misquoting Colossians, 2:16 and it’s time to Debunk the stupidity because we worship God in spirit and in truth now before we get started make sure you hit subscribe with the bell, with the parentheses So you’re notified of a new gospel message because of course Satan and YouTube and Google they’re one in the same But they do not want you to know the gospel and they will never notify you of a new gospel message unless you hit subscribe, with a bell, with the parentheses. So let’s get it started before we get started I just wanted to say that our Intercessory prayer team is almost up to a hundred members. And if you guys want to join for free it is found at strathcom slash club slash crack your Bible and every week we are now going to be having an event where you are going to go find a shop that sells Magic books or tarot cards or maybe crystals any place that sells occult items and when that business is closure You’re just going to pray over these places and we have a meeting every single week online Where we can talk about these things you guys can go on prayer walks and pray over the demonic strongholds in Your community because we’re called to be doers of the word not just hearers of the word so if you guys want to join us in our intercessory prayer team and Put in your prayer requests take photos of the things that you see while you’re out on your prayer walks make sure to join us again at Strava.com/clubs/crack your Bible because we’re almost up to 100 people which is super exciting but you know, one of the things that I wanted to talk about today is the fact that so often Christians people in your own church in your own family Misquote Colossians 2:16 because their hearts are hardened to the Holy Spirit and it is time that Christians they debunk this stuff because we have to be like Bereans we have to search the Scriptures instead of just Regurgitating these verses and not actually studying them to see what they mean because so often these people are aggressive And they will say oh well, no, according to Colossians 2:16. I can celebrate these holidays You can’t tell me I can’t celebrate Christmas or Easter How dare you and you know what a lot of people they might be new to the faith they might be very new to understanding the Bible and they’ll be like, oh, okay, like oh, I didn’t know this and then they will fall away I’m here to tell everybody who misquote scripture so that they can go and practice idolatry I’m here to tell you that you’re going to put a curse on yourself because Jesus tells us that anybody Who causes one of these little ones he’s not talking about children? He’s talking about new believers if any one causes one of these little ones to stumble it would be better that a Millstone is hung around your neck and you’re thrown into the sea. Go sleep with the fishes. That’s what Jesus says so when you want to come up here you want to come into my Comments section you want to spout off to people on social media? You’re gonna come to their face in church and you’re going to say but that’s not what it means to me Colossians says don’t let anybody look down on you or judge you for festivals or new moons or Sabbath’s I’m here to tell you you’re putting a curse on yourself. And you better repent you need to take a real hard look at yourself and figure out why am I so beholden to these holidays, but you know, I’ve never in my life celebrated any of God’s festivals You know, I had somebody in my comment section make this comment. Oh, I don’t celebrate Jewish holidays, cuz I’m not Jewish and I said, oh so you don’t celebrate Jewish holidays cuz you’re not Jewish, but you celebrate pagan holidays because you’re Christian? Does that make any sense? No, I’m tired of people Equate these holidays these biblical holidays Acquainting them with Judaism. These are biblical holidays people There are seven feast days in the Bible. Then there’s also your New Moon’s which are Rosh Hodesh which are going to be Celebrated in God’s kingdom Isaiah 66 tells us about this You also have Shahnameh operat which is just the lunar leap year in Jewish history which I’ve already done a video about and I’ve Never in my life heard anybody preach on this and it’s about Noah’s Ark and it’s all about Jesus every single one of these holidays Points to Jesus so you can check out the Shanah Me’ Uberet video right up here for everyone on desktop and mobile and of course Links are always in the description box below But you know these people they will hold on to the pagan festivals of their culture whether it’s the people that do ancestor worship over in Asia and in Africa or especially in the West You know It’s these Western stupid holidays that come straight out of the European paganism like Thanksgiving like Easter like Christmas. Christmas was outlawed when the pilgrims or the Protestants came over to establish the new world. They outlawed Christmas because they’d come out of that garbage. They’re like we’re not doing this anymore. This is why it was outlawed But now you have all of these dumb Christians who have never studied. They’re just blind guides Leading people into pits. They’re like, oh no, that’s not what it means to me Well Christians, it’s not about what it means to you it’s about what it means to God and we’re here to worship God in spirit and in truth and if you’re not going to Rightly divide the word of God Stay silent Lying spirits you don’t have a right to speak it’s time to debunk the Colossians 2:16 argument from people who say oh nobody can judge me and matters of food or drink or it matters to Festivals or new moons or Sabbath’s so I can celebrate these holidays See it says right here and you know, they also will bring up Romans 14. I’ve already done a video Debunking that because it’s all about the tyranny of the weaker, brother so you guys can check out that video that will be linked to right up here, but for everybody else, you know who actually Has the audacity to say I have freedom in Christ Jesus to celebrate things that I have seen our pagan Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Cuz either you’re stupid or you’re a liar So which one is it? Are you stupid or are you a liar when you use Colossians 2:16 to say I have freedom in Christ Jesus to practice Idolatry are you kidding me? You have never had the freedom in Christ Jesus to worship other gods. Are you kidding me? You spit in Jesus’s face when you when you say that. How dare you. How dare you because Jesus went to the cross for our sin all of our sin because none of us are righteous But we know that we don’t sin so that grace can abound more No Absolutely not if we have Christ living in us, we want the things that God wants if we don’t want to do those things We’re not going to serve the gods that our forefathers Worship like we talked about in my Columbus video, which I will link right up here So people you better watch till the end or you’re not getting the blessing that comes from that message because so often people again, they’ll read a portion of something or they’ll listen to a portion in then they just tune out they have a veil over their Hearts, they have a seared conscience. I’ve done a video about that too. You know these people they don’t want to hear the truth They have a veil over their hearts their hearts are hardened to the Holy Spirit because they don’t want to worship God in spirit and in truth and how Offensive because Jesus went to the cross for all of our sin including Idolatry so why would we go on and continue to practice? Idolatry knowing what Jesus Christ went through for us when people use Colossians 2:16 as an excuse to continue celebrating Pagan holidays when they’ve been shown they’ve been given first after verse after verse How god I said do not worship me in those ways do not go and ask them how they serve their gods Do not repurpose paganism in the worship of me. Do not do these things. Do not inquire them, Do not do these things. You do verse after verse after verse after verse after verse and people are still like oh well, you know Can I do it at church? Can I still play the music? Can I still put on a Nativity set? Can I still….. no you can’t do it and for everybody who has misled these people by using Colossians 2:16 shame on you. Shame on you because how dare you spit in Jesus’s face by leading people astray Number one and number two you spit on Jesus on the cross what he did for us so that we can have right standing before God we can never ever Worship other gods and say oh I have freedom in Christ. Jesus to do that You know why you have freedom because Jesus went to the cross and then you say oh Jesus I see you went to the cross. I see that your heart is like wax I see that you’ve been beaten until the fact that you’re like Unrecognizable. I See that you’ve done all that for me, but you know what? I have freedom to go worship other gods How dare you… how dare you… because we see what Jesus went through so that we could have freedom in Christ Jesus To no longer be a slave to sin. That’s what our freedom is is not being a slave to sin How dare you use your freedom as a license to sin. How dare you. So you’re gonna spit in Jesus’s face and say oh I know that you were bruised and you were beaten For me, but I’m gonna use that freedom to go and worship other gods How dare you… we see every single time when you take communion we see the unleavened bread. This is hamazot Matzah bread for you guys who are unfamiliar with it, which I’ve already done a video on in our Passover video All these will be in the description box below but every single time we take communion We see the unleavened bread, the bread that is without sin We see that he was pierced for our transgressions. Do you guys see the holes? He was pierced for our transgressions. He was bruised do you see the bubbles? He was bruised for our iniquities and by His stripes do you not see the stripes? How all those holes are in a striped pattern. Every time we take communion We see what Jesus Christ did on the cross for us. We see his wounds We see what he had to go through he died for us we see that his blood was poured out for us as a drink offering on the Altar, and you’re gonna say thanks Jesus now, I’m gonna go worship other gods How dare you spit in the messiahs face with your hardened heart? How dare you call yourself a Christian and say I have the license to continue to do these things instead. You should say thank God That I finally know the truth Now I can repent and turn away from those things so that I can continue to love and honor God Thank God I’ve been shown the truth. But no a person with a hardened heart It’s going to spit on what God did for us what Jesus did for us on the cross and say now I’m going to continue To do what I want to do How dare you how dare you say that Colossians 2:16 gives you a license to sin It says therefore let no one pass Judgment on you in questions of food or drink or with regard to a festival or a new moon or a Sabbath? Then it goes on to say these are a shadow of the things to come but the substance belongs to Christ Every single one of the holidays that Paul is talking about he’s talking about the biblical holidays The new moons the Sabbath the festival such as Passover Sukkot Yom Kippur I mean you guys this is not talking about all of the pagan holidays. Oh, let’s go worship a straw Let’s go worship Zeus Let’s go worship Jupiter. Let’s go worship Osiris. Are you kidding me? We know that’s not what he’s talking about because he goes on to say these are a shadow of the things to come But the substance belongs to Christ every single one of the biblical holidays points to Jesus Christ Just like the last holiday that we just finished up which was Sukkot. That is a symbol of God Coming to dwell with us when God came down in he dwelt amongst men in temporary dwellings in this temporary body It’s a picture of Jesus and the next holiday that we’re getting into were about five, six months away from it, is Passover. Where we see this… This bread of life without sin bruised and beaten for our Transgressions His stripes are what heals us we see his blood poured out for us That’s what these holidays are and you know what you always had these people Coming up in the Christian church, trying to start Gnosticism and they were actually successful They ended up creating the Catholic Church because Paul goes on to say let no one Disqualify you insisting on Asceticism and the worship of angels Going on in detail about visions and puffed up without reason by his Sensuous mind and not holding fast to the head from whom the whole body Nourished and knit together through its joints and ligaments grows with a growth that is from God There is not a single one of these pagan holidays that is a shadow of the things to come which is Jesus Christ Not a single one but all of the biblical holidays are so Paul is saying these people who insist on asset is amande the worship of angels Oh well in Tobin, it says that you can pray to angels. Yeah Catholics. That’s false This is the same Gnosticism that paul was talking about where they say Oh, you can’t eat you can’t drink we’re gonna take vows of poverty. You see this in the modesty community that is infiltrated Protestantism, oh we can’t look good. We can’t wear makeup, but you just have to look very downtrodden you got to wear your Little cotton dresses and you can’t show any of your body or anything like this This is called Asceticism. This is from Gnosticism. It is heresy Paul Constantly spoke against these things and these people would come in and say no You can’t celebrate God’s holidays because these are a joyous time These are exciting times because you’re you’re reflecting all the things that Jesus Christ did for us This is a time of rejoicing and celebration because the Messiah has come we have freedom in Christ Jesus were no longer a slave to sin we have right standing with the Father. We have authority in Jesus name He’s given us a robe. He’s given us a signet ring where we have the authority to act in his name We’re excited. We’re happy. We see even in the prodigal son. There was a feast because once we were lost and Now we’re found these are exciting days and even the Sabbath which man, you know The Pharisees they try to turn it into an ascetic holiday where it’s like you’re basically a prisoner in your own home But Jesus Christ said that the son of man is the lord of the Sabbath These are exciting days where you’re resting and what Jesus Christ did on the cross for us We’re not Resting in our own abilities or resting in our own works or resting in Jesus But the ascetics they always want to make it about works and they don’t want you to rejoice They don’t want you to celebrate so they would say don’t do these things Don’t celebrate God’s holidays. Don’t celebrate these new moons These festivals are these Sabbath’s because these were exciting times that gave glory to God So Paul saying don’t let these heretics these Gnostics these ascetics judge you in matters of food or drink or regard? So with a festival a new moon or Sabbath because these things they all point to Jesus Don’t let them judge you about it and we see what did the Catholics do. Oh, we’re going to have no meat Fridays Oh so you can only eat fish. Oh, we’re gonna have Lent. So you’re gonna give up all your meat like You guys this is what he’s talking about. He’s not saying Oh, no don’t allow anybody to pass judgment on you on any pagan festival that has nothing to do with Jesus Christ That’s not what he’s saying. He’s never saying that nor have you ever had freedom in Christ. Jesus to practice paganism You’ve never had that freedom. So for people who misuse Colossians 2:16 to say nobody can judge me about these things. Tell me read verse 17 They these are a shadow of the things to come but the substance Belongs to Christ read it in context to them and ask them How are these holidays a shadow of the things to come point to me and tell me how? the Christmas tree, Santa Claus putting out food offerings for this demon god and Oh cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer Tell me how that how that’s a shadow of things to come. Tell me how Zeus is horn that broke off The cornucopia is a shadow of things to come through Jesus Christ. Tell me how that Jack-o’-lantern and the witch hanging on your garage is the shadow of things to come which is Jesus Christ Tell me how the red dipped Easter egg which is the egg of Ishtar where they sacrificed human babies and dip the egg the symbol of Ishtar in the baby’s blood is a Symbol of things to come which is jesus christ. I’ma sit here and let you tell me Oh wait, it’s not… so everybody who misuses this, shame on you and if you’ve ever used that repent. Because these are all verses backing up the celebration of God’s High Holy Days his feasts because we are Excited because we love God and we’ve been set free we were lost and now we are found and now it is time to celebrate we can have a Fellowship with the father. We’re no longer cut off that’s exciting We want to worship God because we’re reminded of what God did for us So we’re not gonna let people judge us and be like, oh well Those are Jewish holidays or oh you’re you’re getting too into this You guys need a pull back and remember it’s all about taking pals of poverty and looking like trash all the time and oh, there’s somehow blessings in poverty, there’s not This is garbage that eyes alive straight from Satan. So Christians, don’t let anybody try to tell you can celebrate paganism because of Colossians 2:16 throw it right back in their face and say Tell me how these are a shadow of things to come But the substance belongs to Christ because they will not be able to answer you it’s time that Christians get real serious about the gospel and get real serious about repentance because you know, we’ve all Celebrated these things and ignorance, but once we know the truth Then we have to make a decision are we going to follow the truth or are we going to hold on to the old ways the old ways where our fathers they Worshipped other gods beyond the river the gods of Egypt or are we going to come together and say no? But for me and my household, we are going to serve the Lord you make a decision but don’t call yourself a Christian and think that you’re gonna sit and drink of The cup of demons and of the cup of the Lord because it doesn’t work that way So Christians it’s hard, It’s hard to take up your cross, but we’re called to be different We’re called to be ambassadors for Jesus Christ Don’t lead other Christians astray because of your weak faith by Celebrating these things to placate your family members because remember what Jesus Christ did on the cross for us Remember what he did for us so that we are no longer a slave to sin So, that’s what I wanted to share with you. I hope you will like subscribe and share and I’ll talk to you later. Bye


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  2. My church I go to are well aware of the pagan origin of Christmas, but they still celebrate Christmas on December 25th and display a tree. I watch videos of Rabbi Johnathan Cahn, and he has it figured out because of the Jewish festivals and when lambs are born. The date of Jesus Christ's birthday is March 20th. I learn a lot of things from you that I don't in my church, and I thank you. God bless!

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  27. And you sound really angry sweetie you need to take it down a couple notches I’m not trying to be mean or judging you you just need to take it down a little bit OK

  28. Thanksgiving is not a pagan holiday go look at why they celebrate Thanksgiving Thanksgiving was created by the pilgrims the pilgrims that you say denied Christmas are the same people that celebrated Thanksgiving it was to thank God for bringing them to America

  29. Its amazing, Jesus Christ himself fought against these kind of things with the pharisees putting their traditions before Gods commandments.
    This is the problem I see with people not preaching or understanding the message of Grace properly is that we can easily fall into this mindset of "oh, im saved by grace… let me go live the vida loca and do what ever i want because there wont be any retaliation from God" and thats why Paul said not so fast.
    Its not that God is going to pull up his sleeves and throw thunder or anything, He doesn't have to… were doing it to our selves. Were exposing our selves, whenever we make light of things that have such a heavy and powerful and spiritual connotation such as festivities like Christmas, Halloween, ect.. its going to affect us, not God and its dangerous.
    That why we have to have discernment, be vigilant, be mature Christians, know God, read His word, and most importantly how to say NO.

  30. Thank you, Rachel for preaching the truth! I was challenged about my declaration to not even eat or receive gifts connected to pagan holidays and declined being forced into a debate by reserving my right to be wrong. I just didn't think it was my job to convince nonbelievers who call themselves Christian, but I did take your challenge to make that declaration before the mad holiday season began. So, thank you, Rachel!

  31. People don't read the Bible for themselves, most just regujitate what the king ( pastor) tells them. He in most cases just like the pope has more authority than the Bible. If you actually are seeking to know Jesus and what pleases him and therefore the father you will read the whole Bible and see what pleases and displeases him and not blindly follow the traditions of man.

  32. What most people don't know is that these are NOT JEWISH FEAST'S or APPOINTED TIMES; THEY ARE YEHOVAH'S, Just read LEVITICUS CHAPTER 23, THE SABBATH IS THE TOP OF THE LIST but here again Christians do Sunday, which is another PAGAN DAY that worship's the SUN AND NOT THE SON.

  33. Good video, but I would remind you that we should teach the gospel from a stand point of LOVE, although I love your passion for our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus…..I agree with most of what you say but would encourage more LOVE in your passion filled videos….Imagine seeing this for the 1st time as a non-Christian….anyway, love the channel….may God bless us ALL!!

  34. I had someone ask me if I was a Jehovah Witness because I do not want to celebrate holidays. I had to explain to them that Jesus was not born on Christmas, that it is a Pagan holiday.

  35. I'm sorry for saying this but Christians seem to do the opposite of the Bible. They don't serve on the Sabbath or uphold any Law's. They Idolized with crosses and Jesus pictures and eat all the foods he says not too. So them celebrating all holidays is normal to me because they don't follow the Bible.

  36. WOW! You are soo passionate! I cried, because my whole life I've been lied to! Now I've lied to my children! I didn't know! I'm so hurt that I've never been taught the way of the Lord, and I LOVE HIM SOOO DEARLY! I just can't stop crying! I have to tell my children! What are GOD'S holidays? When are His festivals? You spoke of 7. His holy number. Please help me!

  37. Do you consider yourself a prophet? Don't be afraid to answer. I'll tell you straight up, God called me to be His prophet

  38. how about Romans 14 that also can be something to look into for new believers when we do worldly things as a Christian this can confuse new believers it is best to stay away from the foolishness of the world. I agree with your video.

  39. I just started watching your channel and saw the video about holidays my question is, is it okay for the family to reunite and have dinner in these holidays and see it as a family reunion and not as to celebrate the holiday or we shouldn't do anything in months like December or thanksgiving also Easter is when our Lord Jesus died for our sins and resurrected is Easter okay to celebrate?

  40. I watched a video titled 25 pagan holidays and a few of them were New Years, Birthdays, Mother Days, I will admit that it will hurt my heart not giving my brothers or parents hugs and telling them happy birthday or happy New Years especially my nephews, and not giving my mother a hug and gift and tell her happy mother day. Is these holidays I mentioned pagan ? and if it is I'm willing to stop participating in those and all pagan holidays. I ask for a prayer so my family can understand.

  41. New sub🤗 Just watched a few of your vids & love how you break down scripture to open peoples eyes to the Truth of the word of God. Thank you & God bless 🙏🏼❣️

  42. Hi Rachel I'm sharing this with everybody about the holidays and 1 is trying to be a better Christian she said that she understand about the holidays and her pastor told her that on birthday it will be ok if she just gave a hug and a happy birthday without putting music, or having a party but celebrating it with a party is pagan is she right and what can I say to her?

  43. I in no way am going to go against you on the Ceremonies you and I know are Pagan worship. You are right in so many ways. Acts chapter 15 gives some limits also to consider Pagan worship practices and how far not to go. I have found that several of the customs mentioned define limits for Christian believers. If you find time to read that chapter consider that details in that chapter will help to clarify why Christian Apostolic Pentecostal

  44. Thank you for this. Thank you for preaching EVERYTHING in the Bible through all of your videos, not just picking and choosing what will sound good to gain viewers/subscribers. Your videos are a breath of fresh air, truly ❤️.

  45. Thank you for your ministry I ve always felt very weird about Christmas, easter. Were i come from we dont celebrate them but living here in the U.S.A. you feel weird because thats what most people do here.I guess I grew up very ignorant to the word of God but I know our God the true God gives us all the intelligence to learn. I am going to study my bible ask the holy spirit for guidance!!

  46. What people mean is that they don't celebrate Christmas as the world do it with alcohol and wild parties. We all know at one point Jesus was born even though we know not the exact date.. So we use ChristMas to celebrate John 3: 16 as the saviour was born. We celebrate it in a Godly manner. Having a fellowship in Christ our Lord. Celebrating ChristMas doesn't meam we go serve some gods, no, we bring our hearts to the Most High and thank Him for giving his only begotten Son. Just as the wise men travel from the west to come worship the new born baby. With the revelation that He is a King. Prince of Peace. The Lord of our Salvation

  47. I cant help but wonder if all the prayers caused occult stores to close… maybe they are the reason all these crystal/occult jewelry found its way to Tjmaxxx shelves for the past 2/3 weeks 😆 Everytime I visit they get more🤣😇Glory to God 🤗🤗🤗

  48. What do I do its December 20 and I don’t have any pull in my house I can’t stop Christmas with this little time I can’t do any thing to stop it but I can next year and what do I do with the gifts I bought please help It doesn’t seem like there is a lot I can do as a kid

  49. I am so fed up with the local church…. not only many decorated trees in the church but one of the bigger churches even had Santa claus in the foyer and in their program….OMG…no one sees anything wrong with it. I don't do any of the holiday traditions anymore…no gift buying, decorating….my husband comes from a very traditional family so we do meet to share a meal and we give them a monetary blessing and prayer. When do we stop lying to children all in the name of fun? and buy people gifts they don't even want or need and go into financial debt for one day a year….all for Jesus right? In my heart God is so disappointed with all these pagan holidays….I wonder if that church will have the Easter bunny as part of their Easter program too??? 🙁

  50. I just want to say that reason I like these videos is because it makes mecraxk my bible and realise the mistakes that i have made so thank you for your conviction lord jesus amen

  51. I am not sorry for this because i am guilty of this and i am for you and all though satan used my family friends and church to lie to me i am guilty for listening and the actions i took after although i meant what i said i was a hypocrite lately because as a new Christian i was duped into believing lied

  52. I NEVER knew any of this stuff. Every church I’ve been to, and I’ve been to church my whole life, has never said any of this was wrong or truly taught the feasts and the things we should actually be doing. They even celebrate Halloween… I don’t know what to do. I’m only 14. Now I’m scared I might be forced to participate in the pagan holidays, if my parents don’t understand that we can’t celebrate those any more

  53. I celebrate Jesus. I’ve always questioned Christmas. I participated in gift and all. I believe we should be gifting no matter what day it is ( John 3:16) But one thing I’ve always questioned Christmas trees. And finally I found scripture about them. Jeremiah 10:3-5. So awesome!!

  54. The world even in Muslim countries hear of God's incarnation as an infant during Christmas. People have access to hear some of the gospel that they are not allowed to hear at other times of the year. Christmas bears an impact on the gospel reaching sinners, that can't be denied.

  55. I always say that God did NOT make christmas holy. Who made it holy? Man did. It's a tradition of men as well as a disgusting pagan holiday that disgusts God. What days did God make Holy? You can find them in the bible in the first five books in detail. I'm just as passionate as you are about this. It breaks my heart.

  56. Thank you AGAIN for this video sister. Someone literally just tried to say to me TODAY "That's not what it means to me" I beat her to the punch and said it before her (in Mt smart-ass tone; I'm sorry Father)
    I could barely believe it. She was trying to justify the fact that she was riding around with gifts in her trunk in hopes she'd run into the people they're intended for.
    Willingly IGNORANT! To continue in sin.

  57. I just love hearing your emotion through your voice! You have become my favorite YouTube channel ever this week! You are an inspiration and I can not thank you enough for all that you do!

  58. It is just wrong for Christians to celebrate these holidays yet it seems like you can't find Christians and churches out there that don't. I came to this conclusion a few months ago. Your message is truth and very powerful!

  59. Folks/Christians spouting off a Bible verse to suit their erroneous beliefs.

    They'll bring up Colossians 2:16 without ever mentioning verse 17 (the very next verse).

    "These [food, drink, holy days, new moons, sabbath days] are shadows of things to come, but the substance belongs to Christ."

    ~ Colossians 2:17

  60. I love your content. I'm done with these pagan holidays. It's crazy how we celebrate Easter but don't celebrate Passover which is very important.

  61. Love your channel!
    Is calling people stupid biblical? I mean, I get the whole “share the word” command , but it was a tad excessive I thought.

  62. I wish there were more people around me like you, the Christian's in my life are so frustrating, I feel like I'm the only one in my area that doesn't celebrate pagan things in Christ's name😭

  63. Thank You Jesus! Forgive me for being a part of these pagan 'holidays'. Thank you Lord for our Sisters boldness in standing for your Truth!!

  64. I just wanted to say. I just love the way.You put out things that in the Church that I was in since I was a week old. Yet I’ve not heard about many things. I agree about a woman is supposed to be chaste n not wear anything that shows any flesh because if I do I am sinning . I was raped in 2003 yet it was made to look like I cause it and I had on long jeans, a black shirt and a wig which I always loved to wear them mostly short because my hair is long . I do not want to cut it. So I wear wigs shorter than my own hair. The same color. I was even crossed examined as to why were you wearing a wig. I was blown away. Because what did my wearing a short booted wig which was the same color as my own hair. Yet yes I was spoken to like just because I wore a short wig. Like it made this man rape me. Then they sold me to the highest bidder. Because he was a drug dealer and no I do not do drugs never have. My ex husband did. His Adultery which happened more than once and hid new friends he started hanging out with until he became a person who choose drugs and lose women over our marriage. I tried everything Went to a Counselor who did Marriage therapy. Yet he chose the new friends who were not Christians. So I went through the embarrassing of going to the hospital and all the test for a rape case. So they powers that be. Thought hum we have a women whose husband is a drug user. This person is a big enough fish who can be of use to do for us to get him to give up the top drug dealer. So I was traded like a pc of nothing. I will not like I broke into a million pieces. Caused my whole family to so much stress and even my Mother said I should have never gone to the hospital for a rape examine. It was horrid. I fought like a crazy woman. I tried to use physiology to talk him down. Yet after I had my shirt and bra cut off. My Levi jeans button also cut and then a knife at my throat. Was beaten on my head hard enough to break my Skills n and had blood all in my top of the wig I had on. I guess the most horrid. Was they never looked at me a a product to trade my life and health because they made a choice that for them it was better for their job to bust some big drug dealers. Which was like I did not matter. My life or mental health did not count. I was even stalked for 2 solid years. I reported it and was told flat out lies to me face. I turned away from any man for 13 years. I prayed for God Jesus to take away any and all my desires of the flesh. Which he did. Yet others say it’s not possible to go that long without using sex toys or anything. Yet I didn’t. So if by chance if you have any recommendations to any Biblical Scriptures. I woulders be very grateful it has now been 15 years. I was made to feel it was all my fault,and also my life didn’t count. Even my Mother said she was glad I did not have to go to Court and tell what exactly he did too me. As if I had it would have made her ashamed. I needed my day in Court. To expose this person which I refuse to call a man . Because in my opinion he wasn’t.please pray for healing of my heart and soul. It left me wanting to end my life. And to be honest sometimes I still have those thoughts. Because I still feel dirty. I scrubbed my skin until there were places that bled. It’s like I could not even scrub the evilness off my body. I’ve never remarried it’s been now 16 years. I have started dating someone yet I am still can never look at any man without thinking all they want is sex or to hurt me. I went to rape counseling for 3 years and omg what happened with that Dr. almost ended me entirely. Thanks Rachel. With love Suzanne. ❤️❤️❤️

  65. I'm still new to your channel, but this is the most fired-up I've seen you over a topic thus far, Rachel, and it's lit a fire in me too!

  66. Thank you Rachel. The jury is still out for me. I, along with many others, was saved in a church that practiced Christmas and Easter, both of which have pagan origins. I think this is a testament to God's grace and mercy.

  67. Yaaaas! A few people don't even want to talk to me because I hate Christmas, and everything involved with it. Oh well!

  68. Yeah, I emailed my 'pastor', a young pastor, how all our holi-days are pagan from another channel and he told me I was being LEGALISTIC!! I was like WHAT!!! Only #GoatLucy says Christians are legalistic…the church I attend celebrates all these holi-days…My eyes were opened, really, last year even though I have been a Christian since I was 7 and I am 48 now…falling down rabbit holes is not easy for those who are awake to these types of truths…

  69. I. Agree with you . Our church even had a Christmas in July event . But to my surprise it was a smashing success where people stepped into church for the first time . With there children . Malcolm a good friend of mine organised it , at first it was going to be a pool party but mid year here is winter . So to cold but the Christmas in July was a success as well as most Christmas times are also . Where the real gospel is preached . So I wonder in regards to grace and sin being covered . When God orchestrates it . Hands go up . We can not put God in a box . I celebrate Shabbat , Pentecost Passover etc with others in a more mature invironment . But the babes keep sucking away on milk till the hunger for solids really kicks in . Meanwhile more and more people get set free at the Holy Spirits pace . Though it can take awhile . Has taken me 25 + years to Call Jesus Yeshua as He Prefers His name with the Fullness of its blessing . Instead of the Spanish choice .

  70. I have noticed the last few years that celebrating these holidays never felt "right". I never liked Halloween anyway as a child, but I would always feel gloomy around Christmas. Christmas was never about being with family, it was just a consumer's playground to go nearly broke buying gifts for people you didn't even like 🙁 I pray that I don't back away when I tell my family I can't celebrate these holidays.

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