Out of the Depths: An Autobiographical Study of Mental Disorder and Religious Experience, by Anton T. Boisen, #26

Our Ordained Chaplains Scripture Verse for today is Hebrews 10:34 which reads, “For ye had compassion of me in my bonds, and took joyfully the spoiling of your goods, knowing in yourselves that ye have in heaven a better and an enduring substance.”

Our Ordained Chaplains quote for today is from John Calvin. He said, “There cannot be a surer rule, nor a stronger exhortation to the observance of it, than when we are taught that all the endowments which we possess are divine deposits entrusted to us for the very purpose of being distributed for the good of our neighbour.”

In this podcast, we will continue discussing the book “Out of the Depths” by Anton T. Boisen. We continue today with “A New Start” (Part 3):

Following that Easter Sunday I found myself unable to do the routine class work. Only what was related to my dominant interests could hold my attention. My mind was in a tumult, surging with all sorts of ideas, ideas which came from many sources, vivid memories from out of the past, especially from the period of childhood, and others which seemed to come from no previous experience of my own. There were even ideas of having lived before and of being more important than I had ever dreamed. But I was hopeful, happy, confident.

Within a few days I was approached by one of the Young Men’s Christian Association secretaries with the invitation to take a Bible study group. This I accepted at once, looking upon it as a divine leading. In this new task I found real satisfaction. I also made some false moves, chiefly in the nature of attempts to talk of personal religion with some of my friends.