Ministry Tasks and Competencies for the Chaplain, Part 5

Our Work of the Chaplain passage for this episode is Luke 6:30-31 which says, “Give to every man that asketh of thee; and of him that taketh away thy goods ask them not again. And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.”

Our Work of the Chaplain quote for this episode is from Smith Wigglesworth. He said, “God has chosen us to help one another.”

In this podcast, we are going through the fine book: “The Work of the Chaplain” by Naomi K. Paget and Janet R. McCormack.

Our topic today is: Ministry Tasks and Competencies for the Chaplain (Part 5)

— Assessing the Need

The chaplain meets new people on a regular basis. Often these people come with urgent needs and issues for which they have few or no ready resources. They may not expect long-term spiritual care, but they recognize their inadequacy in a particular situation. Before the chaplain can provide any ministry intervention, the chaplain must make an assessment of the person and the circumstance.